What are catchphrases used in the forums over the past years? List em all Off the top of my tongue i recall "two of em"

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Heading over to vegas over the summer, what are things that you definitely would recommend to a first timer? Some of the things I have in mind already include: -Bungee jumping off the stratosphere -Visit Hoover dam -New York New York roller coaster -Hakkasan -Marquee -Encore beach club -Exotic car racing -Bellagio water show -Casino That's all I got for now. Any other good stuff?

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I drive for lyft. My first night i made about 145 in 5.5 hours after lyft takes their cut. Keep in mind that none of your commission is taxed so I'd recommend that you save 80% of the 80% your received from lyft when you file for taxes under the form that claims you as an independent contractor (forgot the number).

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You: Hey I'm _____, but you can call me laser. Her: Laser? You: Yeah, cause I'm straight to the point. Lets fuck. Her: Dammmmnnnnn, ok!

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Any of those I listed above can also be used to negotiate a lower price if you decide you want the car

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I used to work at an autobody shop and went through shopping for many cars thinking that I caught everything but I actually didn't. Over time I created a checklist to keep in mind when i decide to buy another car or for my friends to use when looking at a car. Heres my checklist: [b]Car Checklist[/b] [b][/b] [b]Steering (Smooth steering, no noises)[/b] [b]Brakes (Spongy) (% Brake pads left)[/b] [b]E. Brake (Check if it grabs well)[/b] [b]Gas the car to check acceleration/abnormal noises[/b] [b]Tires (% Tread, have him drive the car slowly and check the tires for nails/screws stuck in the tires)[/b] [b]Scratches/Dents[/b] [b]Lights (day lights, headlights, high beams, reverse lights, brake lights, fogs, interior)[/b] [b]Fluids (Brake, Engine, Transmission, power steering)[/b] [b]Check if all buttons are functioning properly[/b] [b]Door Jams (Paint color to see if door jam color matches exterior color, even the slightest paint shade difference can indicate car was repainted, unless car is old and is faded by age)[/b] [b]Check Paint (Orange Peel, CAREFULLY inspect if any body work done)[/b] [b]Check for leaks under car (If pink/green its a coolant leak, if gold/brown/black its an oil leak)[/b] [b]Air conditioning[/b] [b]Heater[/b] [b]Fans[/b] [b]Idle (Check if rough)[/b] [b]Filters[/b] [b]Service Report[/b] [b]Parts alignment (Hood, Trunk, Fenders, Make sure gaps are even, if not it could have been in an accident)[/b] [b]Steering alignment (Go at least 30-40 and remove hands from steering wheel and check if it steers to L or R by itself)[/b] [b]Check under fenders for any body work.[/b] [b]Check for kinks on frame under hood.[/b] [b]Check for spare tire and tools to remove wheels[/b]

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Get a watershot housing instead. These are actually meant to go deep and my friend uses it when he goes out to take surfing/diving pics. [URL]

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16. With an ex. Was at her house and was awkward as fuck. Didn't know how to properly put a condom on so she put it on for me[Image]

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ios 6? Bitch you basic

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[Quote] First off, I wouldn't bring a 'bitch' home to mama

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