video def helped the song out a lot....still expected more tho...but i hate to admit its growing on me the more i hear it arrgh!

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[Quote] lmao agreed

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that colorway is def. clean..sk8-hi's look weird on me though..

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i honestly have about 40-50 pair..air maxes, vans, nike retros, jordans.. but i only wear about 12 or so pairs on a regular..i should definitely downsize..

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i gotta feeling this is gonna be hilarious..

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wtf and why???? and did they incorporate her 'twin' from the last movie?? horrible!

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i gotta feeling this movie wont disappoint like pretty much all of the spiderman sequels..

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did these only drop at HOH locations??

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[Quote] *laughs*...and some 30 dollar fake forces..lmao

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i think with the 600 you could easily buy her two for a more relaxed street-casual look..and another for her more dressier attire..if those apply to her style..

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kelis's fit was an super fail..

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