there's a link for the jacket if anyone has one size L or XL hit me up.

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Must be in good condition....size L or XL.

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[Image] Freedminds tee is 9/10 no stains or anything. $50 + shipping costs Both are size Large


closed ~Lefty

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SIZE 33 Black tapered unbranded's never worn before. I just got them in the mail a couple days ago but i don't like the fit. PM me if your interested.

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I'm about to go back to school soon and I wanted to get some suggestions from you guys on what clothing brands are dope. My closet is full of Freedminds, MMVIII, and Bape shirts but freedminds new collection isnt dropping till october, mmviii isnt droping until late sep. and Bape is getting too expensive for me since i quit my job. I was looking into original fake but its pretty much the same prices as bape. Oh and dont suggest diamond, shits played out in san diego.

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I did a hot soak on my PBJ-XX013's and the fit is great but I just wanted to know if their was any way I could stretch out the thighs more?

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I need a legit place to get my jeans tapered near san diego, anyone know of any places?

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They've never been worn before only tried on. they were a gift but i dont really like them so they've just been in my room. Their size 11.5. Comes with box and the extra laces I'm gonna upload pictures later but PM me with offers,

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PM Me with pics and cost please!

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Hit me up on here or message me a picture and price. Looking for tee's that haven't been completely worn out. Thanks.

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Im tryin to buy a pair of selvadge denim and I was wondering what's the best denim I can get for around $200-280. I'm kinda leaning towards imperial but anything else tha might be better?

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