H&M sliqs i have a pair of sliqs and they don't seem to really be fading. i have been rockinjg them alot. and i've had them since like the end of july. i don't see much fading. do they take awhile? they seem like they have a lot more dye for some reason.

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i'm thinking about buying a pair of cheap mondays.. i'm looking at the alive and dry. they aren't super slim fit like most and look like they are just slim fit which is what i'm looking for but i notice they have a zipper.. to anyone who has had these jeans, does the zipper get fucked up because of downsizing? did you downsize? thanks

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damn dude your fucked either way unless you get a miracle or something. i would honestly just run if i was you.

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for STF's do you guys size down? i really wanna get a pair and i'm thinking about taking a shower with them on so they will shrink more to my legs and have a half slim looking fit. is this a good idea do you guys think? i was thinking about copping a 35x34 when i'm normally a 36x 34

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i just copped the grey 34's and i'm normally a 36 if i buy true to size. i can button all of the buttons but its mad uncomfortable.. but if they stretch out a bit i should be fine? does anyone have a measurement or estimation of howm uch theirs really stretched out?

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wow that sucks dude just try to keep it off as much as possible. maybe try to invest in a wood stove heater thing. those are mad expensive but i've heard are very worth it if you get a blower thing on it cause it'll heat hella area.

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i call bullshit. we'll be fine.

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i feel you on the woman issue. this same sorta thing happened to me a bit back. it sucks mad dick and stuff but you gotta just move on. you always got your friends, you always got you. you should pick up a hobby or something. or something that you can take out your anxiety/frustration on. like start working out or something.

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real talk right now, that LHC thing isn't about to do shit. if there was a chance we could all die, they wouldn't do it.

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auto mechanic, chemistry, spanish 2, English 11, US history, sports medicine. all classes are dope cept for chemistry and spanish.

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depends. i don't have a problem..if the girl is like clean and not hella gnar status.

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theres this hella bomb bitch at the vans store that i go to. she is like kinda between hipster and scene. she wears like skinny jeans and has black scene haircut but isn't as like fucked up looking as some scene girls. shes mad cute and she has tattoos as well which is &)&)&)&)&)

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i love hardcore trash talk, outbreak, ceremony, sabertooth zombies... super stoked outbreak and cruel hand are hitting up seattle on october 7th.

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[Quote] none. h&m sliqs haha

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[Quote] shit looks like doo doo feces..

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