It's getting that time of year, so where do you guys snowboard?

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The goods are ready to go.. see y'all tomorrow 10am .. Will be Live-2-Air on CKLN 88.1 FM w/ Mixtape Massacre from 1-4pm btw Reign is the old Budo : 137 Peter St. S. of Queen

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I enjoyed the opening night.. plenty of beautiful women.. and the music was a great backdrop to the alki-convos.

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All XTCs have it in T.O.

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Any stores have Triumvir in the GTA?

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This is taking too long to get the knockout round started...

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Too Black Guys actually.. This brand is showing a perspective for historical issues. If you check it out, since their re-launch they've had "Hand-Picked-Cotton", "Black Super Heroes", "Church, Pimps in the Pulpit" and now the House of Crow. These guys don't really shy away from real issues. Instead, we throw wings, skulls and hip-hop phrases and it'll be alright.. Let a brand live.. Check the Weekly Drop interview w/ TBG founder:

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Check out Ransom this weekend for limited pieces from TBG's "Church" line. You may not see deals like this for long.

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