Used pair of fire reds. Come get yours at a cheap price! Sea glow can fix the yellowing. Tiny scuff on toe-box. Accepting local meetups in the socal909 area at your time. I've got refs on ISS. Accepting Trades 10.5 in Jordans and SB's pre gold box 11 in Air Maxes BIN 70 Paypal, Money Order, or Cash [Image]

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Levi's all day everyday....and bullhead jeans from pac sun!

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The design and shape does remind me of that infiniti.

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Honestly, the movie was great. This is pre-Sherwood forest settling.

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Hahah i thought this was Dexter's laboratory...hmm back in the day..

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I guess we can erase the memory of toby maguire. Remake was soo soon...I guess they were envy of Batman.

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Still trying to get mines..Thinking on Arabic linguistics on my arm.

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[Quote] co-sign X 2. This generation is corrupted

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Wow release date is summer so it's going to be packed. Can't wait!

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Lol "Gun" on my old xbox.

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Anyone know where to find the Lupe Fiasco Kick,Push Nujabes Remix?

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Nas - One Love...classic!

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