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these are currently pending sale to [B]Tran.[/B] Up for sale are a pair of APC PS size 27 waist, hemmed to a 32 length by tailors recommended by APC, selvage in tact. Barely worn, something like 5-10 times and worn lightly. No fading. Asking $125 shipped DOMESTIC, all fees included. All international buyers must PM me for a quote except Canada (see below) For those who have asked about shipping to Canada: 135 + 4% paypal OR 135 flat and PAY AS GIFT. I offer the 2nd option to save you money. My feedback is perfect and if you ask anyone on this site, they know my name and can tell you I'm trustworthy and I ship same day if possible. Excellent jeans, I just put on some weight and they don't fit me. [Image]

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Thoughts? Opinions? I need some good connies, and these seem to be the thinnest available, the one the porn stars use apparently.

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Yall suck Jets 4 lyfe Kiss my grits, nooooch

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Anyone else going? It's rare to get any kind of dubstep show in Brooklyn.

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NEW PICS ADDED Peep sig for feedback, most of you know who I am. One item still up for grabs with a price drop International bidders expect to pay around $10 more than the list price to cover shipping. [Image]

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sold lawk

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Wholly deserving of its own thread...he has a new special coming out Saturday btw for those interested Lewis Black is da mayn

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My favorite is zebra. Also elephant Tell me yours or post pictures of you wearing them. [Image]

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Hello Hypebeast, I have been gone for awhile. Recently I returned to sell some t-shirts and pants to you fine fellows and have reacquainted myself with these forum boards. However, tonight I require your prayers. You see, a terrible illness has befallen my beloved feline friend whom I call Kitty (I named him after the thing he reminded me of most when he was 2 months young). It seems he may have ingested some poison from the exterminator spraying my basement and today he was twitching and very weak and unbalanced and had to be taken into Kitty Cat ICU. Tonight I would like you to join me in prayer. I will be praying to the energy ball that created the universe (since I don't believe in the big scary man with the beard) and hoping that the energy ball hears my prayers and enables my cat to live out the rest of its years laying on the floor, occasionally licking itself, eating, pissing and shitting and doing all the other things a cat does that makes it's life so fulfilling as to validate the thousand dollar vet bill I will undoubtedly be left with. I hope you will all find a moment to pray for me and my extended family as well. Yours Truly, Rye bread

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All that is left are the uniqlo denim and cords...see link below

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forum is always crashing, frequent database errors multiple times a day, shoutbox lags or becomes unresponsive every few minutes, and it seems to happen to the whole forum at times what gives?

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Started by Hey Chargers Fans, 2 Weeks ago in Sports the irony of this is that i ended up watching bj novak vids on youtube after a wikipedia distraction session informed me that he did stand up LOL

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