I was bout to make a big comeback thread then I see off topic is roughly the Internet equivalent of  [Image]

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When I logged on, I was stunned. Not only was I shocked from the changed layout, but I was taken aback by how bland it was.. And how much it reflected the forum's current state. Dead. It had seemed like I've only been gone a few months; on further thought it may have been more. But I know that to the best of my knowledge, the site was more active than it is now. This is insane, off topic used to be the source of daily entertainment now it seems like it requires the aligning of the planets for someone to even contribute to a thread. Am I the only one who notices this? Or am I the only one willing to speak on what is clearly the elephant in the room. And in this case, it's a dead elephant. Your's Truly, Ruthless

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I got some new Levi's and they low key too long on the boy legs. How do yall roll them shits up and stay on point

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It was a good run, met some cool people. wish yall luck in your lives

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I'm not jacked I'm not on some fuckin meathead shit I'm pretty cute but im not a fuckin gorgeous face nigga so i gotta lift to balance that out so i still hit the upper echelons of attractiveness anyways yeah im not swole But its obvious I lift Shirtless instagram pics get these hoes wet im telling yall. Nowadays giving a bitch my instagram instead of my phone number be getting me pussy   If your outfit cost 900 dollars but you cant get a match on tinder, its time to hit the gym if you flabby as fuk but gettin hoes then continue eating. this thread aint for you

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What y'all didn't know about ya boy is that he is a freestyle god im declaring a state of emergency nobody is safe call out whoever you want, it's goin down in here

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Met this girl last year She had a nigga at the time Straight dime status. Like, killin these IG models type shit Anyway yeah she had a nigga but I'd text her from time to time just to stay on her mind I'd see her at parties and we'd vibe pretty good unless her dude was there Fast forward to last month  They break up I try to chop her down I change my approach tactics cause I really think shes the one I dont try to smash immediately, I take her out and shit Now she texts me and says she cant go any further with me I ask why She says its because she just found out I smashed 3 of her friends over the last year Fuck my life [Image]

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The malls in the area I just moved to are ass. Ima need to start copping online. What sites have a good selection?

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Rules, you must listen to every song before your post for atleast 30 seconds. Upvote if you like, downvote if you don't. Hopefully brehs will get put onto some music that they didn't know they'd like [Embed content]

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They was both at my exes pad, I came thru We ended up talking about dicks no homo her friend said she dont think she ever seen a big dick in person my ex look at me like "why dont u show her" didnt whip it out but she felt it thru my shorts she was like "fuck i dont think i could take that all in" ex started getting jealous and horny, pulls me into her room to fuck exs friend was in the room and watched/texted on her phone, kinda awkward at first then she started making jokes tryna give us words of encouragement lol when my ex nutted on the dick (while i was killin it from the back) her friend was like "fuccckkkk..." cuz she never had a nigga make her nut just from the dick before anyways I nutted and dipped out after drinkin the rest of her orange juice ex friend ask for a ride home, im like aight i drop her off, she says "you should come inside.." I take a shower and she in her room in a t shirt and underwear she say "come lay on the bed with me" we start talkin bout sex while she rubbin on my dick when it gets hard she pull it out and start suckin I wrecked her shit, i been wanting to fuck her since i met her sophomore year of HS even for ya boy ruthless this was a come up my nuts are currently as empty as my feelings for these hoes. bitch texted me when i got home & i aint even reply

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I just heard about this shit, look like halo but not the same old shit anymore. looks dope as fuck. is this boutta be the next big thing or is it that pre-release hype? [Embed content]

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And why? is it really that hard to stop? Cant imagine smoking tobacco but that shit does smell nice when burning IMO

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1) I blessed HB with a sex tape 2) I don't troll 3) I regularly provide quality posts 4) I blessed HB with a sex tape 5) I gave many upcoming HB artists feedback when noone else would 6) I don't talk shit to anyone 7) I blessed HB with a motherfuckin sex tape I've done all that shit but everytime I post someone feels a need to come at me. I dont understand it. Let's talk, yall. I come on this site for positive experiences with strangers. Why the hate?

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