Damn, its been a minute since i've been on here. seems like times have changed alot. lol, i just realized how immature my username is. hahah but anyway, i got this kid here who i've been hangin out with for some time now and he just so happens to be a young artist with great potential. He opens up for Young Dro next month in atlanta and i needed feedback on his music. we're from virginia by the way so if anyone out here wants to network hit me up. take a listen and let me know what yall think. Song #1 Song#2 Song#3

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Anything like Solbiato, HOBO, Madness, Bonadacci etc. If you do hit me up!

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Has the bandwagon for Slaughterhouse been built yet or should I start it? smokeyface

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i printed out 12 of these. Im gonna go to every KFC around my way stock up. LMAO HAPPY NEGRO HOLIDAY!

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this is akward...

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smokeyface Lookin at the industry today, yeah its sad to say thier not gonna move many units. But who knows, maybe they would capitalize on this issue. Nowadays theres alot more ways to get money without sellin records. I wish skill was appreciated rather then beats cuz Joey and Royce are underrated.

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i use to have "Sleep Paralysis". That shit is freaky, look it up on wiki. But anyway. A month or two after the passing of my mother. I had one and everything the room went black and white. Then a huge image of my mother's face started coming out of the ceiling, i was freakin out tryna talk to her but i couldnt move or talk but my eyes were open and i was cryin. smh

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bammas who waste there time blogging and making youtube videos on "hipsters". Put ya thumb in ya butt and run full speed into your computer monitor, head first. |0

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Cam is so Harlem. smokeyface

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[Quote] for the record, I fucks with you. Even outside of this thread. You really wise.

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[Quote] ......you hot

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im listening to his mixtape shit. smokeyface Too soulful and down to earth. Wow... theres a few things i can say about this guy but its may take me some time. Anyone else feel similar?

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[Quote] not sure. i just copped the bag as soon as my man pulled it out.

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smoked this joint over the weekend... [Image] this shit smells just like fruity loops cereal

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Im wondering if this video was done by the same people... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT3Jj9OGMA0

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