i would like to trade this item. this player was originally $650. it has smokey blue glass on front. very sexy piece of electronics. mint condition. i can't post pics... hit me up if you would like me to email some pics.

Started by 50postviolation, 2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

i ordered them from sweden. i payed $265. i'm asking $165. size 32. thanks.

Started by Nudies. Grim Tim. Dry Scraped. White Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

i have these, new in boxes. sizes 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11. flown in from San Juan, PR. original price was $85. excepting best offers. %1000 legit. (if i was gonna eff with fakes, they wouldn't be board flips.) sorry, i cant post attachments.

Started by Ice Cream. banana/raspberry. original board flips, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

any news on these two projects? DOOM IS SICK!

Started by DangerDoom2? Doom&GhostFace?, 2 Weeks ago in Music

there are obviously price differences in Japan as opposed to prices for the same thing in the states. my question is, do labels from the states cost the same in Japan, or are the prices adjusted to compensate? thanks.

Started by Price Differences? from USA to Japan..., 2 Weeks ago in Japan

i'm trying to learn about the most popular, or quality streetwear boutiques in tokyo, (or japan in general). please help. thanks.

Started by Streetwear Shops in Tokyo(Japan)?, 2 Weeks ago in Japan