[Image] im pretty late but cweak, that hat is FIRE.

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old school reggae is the shit. dj vlad had this one cd out called roots rock reggae hosted by barington levy. that was the shit. had a bunch of heat on it.

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[Quote] i agree with you man. personally, i think polka dots belong on yellow bikinis.

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[Quote] that doest sound like a bad idea. ive been thinkin about doing that too. way too may posers jumpin the wagon nowadays. but im just sayin.

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250 for the yellow ones, 500 for the black ones.. crazy as foook.

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they really didnt tickle my fancy. canned, if you ask me...

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[Quote] and then what dude? dont read this shit man. you fuckin hater. you look like the fuckin forum police. who the fuck are you? really though? you dont like reading shit DONT FUCKIN READ IT. thats your problem. fuck youre annoying. nobody was coming at you sideways and and then you got an idiot callin others idiots. a dude was just tryin to ask why others dont match. fuck off square.

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[Quote] isnt the point of a forum to get opinions? sorry for the inconvenience ive caused you by askin a simple question thats been bogglin in my head. how is this pointless? wait, let me save you the trouble, you get your fourm pals and gang up on me now. .

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[Quote] got it man.

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[Quote] right on man. i feelin it now.

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[Quote] man you know what im talkin about.. i was just putting that red hat thing as an example... im sayin, colors should match. not clash. im seein folks wearing colors that clash. im sayin, is that the thing now? cause i was laced by OGs that talk about the "vines need to coordinate or the others will hate.." but i aint hatin dont get me wrong.

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[Quote] so let me get this straight, matching=overated, and doesnt break necks, but looking like you just put things together does? imo, id look at a fit that matches and have a raised eyebrow if you aint.. help me out.

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so im really not a sneakerhead, but ill cop kicks with a sick colorway. weekly. but im the kind of dude that like to match tho. you know, hat has to match the shirt or shoes etc. however, lately im coming across a bunch of sneaker freaks rockin' orange shoes with red hats. i dont know about you guys, but it doesnt make any sense to me. im not baggin on peoples diggs but isnt the point of getting fitted matching? ive been readin on the other threads, some folks turn their smies around when other folks are just trying to match theyre shoes with theyre shirts. point being, i like to match. if my shoes are red, either my shirts red, or my hats is.. maybe im trippin.. like i said, i aint hatin' im just sayin... what do you guys think?

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mac dre- game 4 sale

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