dumb and dumber!!

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Name: Ron--- K------ Age: 20 Occupation: Student/Postal/Hypebeast Newbie Fav. Brands: Nike, Stussy, Triumvir3, (LRG) --I wanna own a store! Tired of being a labor worker at a boring job!! Major: Nursing/Physician Assistant

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[QUOTE=csn maghr

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i havent had sex for 6 months the last time i gave head to a girl, i threw up, but she didnt know about it many of my friends think that i'm cool, but i'm not many of them also think that i'm a bad influence, except those that are close to me my friends think i'm smooth with girls because i went out with some of the hottest girls from school, but i'm not..im too shy i give my paychecks to my parents, i always get the most 30% of it sometimes i wanna fit in with the crowd, but i hate that crowd i'm 20, still live with my parents, and 2 brothers and sisters, in a 2 bedroom apartment..cant afford a house yet... i am the only sibling in my family that never asked to leave the house by my dad when he's mad..if he ever asked me to...i really would ---more coming....---

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i'm starting my second year at a community college. havnt done much yet though. im taking my pre-reqs then i'm gonna transfer to a university to get my p.a. degree

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the only book i ever read throughout my school year till now is 'chinese cinderella'. my ex picked it out for me....she said she wont go out with me until i finished it and then take her out to dinner for me to tell her the story..well..i did. other than that...i only have detective conan comic books in indonesian.

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i agree with the school wifi thing. somehow, at my school, no matter what broadband you got...you have to sign up with the school's wifi. it's quick and it's free....

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damn! i gots to wait another year to be celebrating.

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double double animal style with animal style fries and medium dr. pepper @ in-n-out. taco tuesday McChicken sandwich and wendy's crispy chicken sandwich with 3 bags of hot sauce, chilli sauce, and the frosty with the fpoon ------------------------------- i wish to try sonics and white castle. commercial is always there but the place is not smh

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indonesian born chinese raised in united states for the past 10 years

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i havent gone out for a while ive been staying home taking care of my family i hate it most of the time but i love them i only own one sb

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i cant believe this is still on. there are a lot of girls in the sea. u cant stay with one while you young'n.

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asians shaved their heads now.

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hhapy birthday DUM. uh..sorry..but, how old are you turning?

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damn..that's more than me. i dont get nothing for none of that

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