Practice your skills by drawing and getting a feel for your style. Then start playing around with the software side of things. its two different worlds. dont get caught up with the software side and not know how to draw out the basics of what your trying to make.

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Well most people don't like talking in front of large groups of people. I too have trouble doing this I my job requires me to talk to groups all the time. what helps is recording yourself (use a recorder, or recording app on your phone) and listen to how you sound and talk slow.

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If the fb and twitters of the world are used correctly it is a great resource for connecting/networking with cool people and Family that you didn't know you had, friends that are interested in what you are doing and not just there to spy. you also have to know that your everyday life is just like everybody else's and for the most part boring to view. I do think however I am do for some spring cleaning/deleting folks on both networks to clean things up. So with that being said its best to use these tools for networking and showing people what you do.

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Great job on your brand. what has been the best thing to happen since the opening of your retail location/locations for the bg brand?

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Dopeness........ great view on this song. props to you homie.

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Videos of some of my style. [Embed content]

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I second blackice445 on this, by definition these are exactly niggers. makes me sad to be black they make us look horrible as a race.

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For my printing stuff for clients I use if you have a business they give you a cheaper price and the ship stuff without their logo on it so the client will not know. hope that helps.

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@kaboom depends on what kind and what the purpose is. If your just starting brush up on html and maybe learn the basics first. Then design comes second, if you wanna skin a website then I suggest using a hosted version of wordpress and play with that. I like the work coming out of this thread thus far keep it up.

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Seems a bit like a intro I was waiting for more. But chill I could see this as a intro to something.

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Hes a dope artist you cant knock that. Inspiration is always good. I think its that much more dope that he is futura's son and makeing a name for himself in his field.

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1. Don't talk shit, that wont make you look good 2. talk about something around you or give them a compliment. 3. keep it brief and to the point and keep it moving. New friend is made. its up to you now to repeat those steps next time or ask for number and contact them later.

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Will have to check this out. As I see it the best way is to raise the awareness of this and hopefully people will get the idea. Its a sad fact but we all have to use oil some way some how. we need to practice ways that require us to use less and less until we dont need it no more so then the corporation wont make any money because we have built other systems to serve are needs. until then we have no choice, so it does no good fighting with your fellow forum member.

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nice man, keep it up.

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Hey man good stuff. like tomee said if you made it.

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