has anyone stayed at any of wynn's hotels? I'm planning on going to vegas soon and need a great place to stay...

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Use stretch cords and stand as far away from the hook as possible. Then, bending at the waste, keep your elbows close to your body and extend your arms back. This will kill the triceps... and make them more useful for other sports like swimming

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Sorry to take this convo off apple... but has anyone heard anything great about the playbook? Or is it going to be another flop by rimm...?

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[Quote] hahaha... maybe from spending too much time in detention.

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[Quote] Exactly... I just got back from there and they did that to me. I was a dumb tourist at first though and paid wayyy too much for that schwag...

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just to let everyone know... I played my first bball game in my new nikes and they performed well. They were a lot lighter than I expected them to feel

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ok I get the consensus... I'm going with the Nikes. Now we'll see how durable they are...

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sweet, I was actually looking at Kobe's new shoes. They look dope

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I understand why they're complaining about the current state, but wasn't it them who pushed hip-hop in the current direction?

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Em's verse in "No Love" has gotta be the best of the year...

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J crew had some sick boat shoes last night....

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So I need a decent pair of bball shoes soon, and I can't decide between Nike or Converse. Does anyone have past experience with either one of these?

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