I need to get my chilliwack dry cleaned, but I've heard numerous stories about people getting their Canada Goose jackets dry cleaned and had them ruined or damaged in some way such as thinning out the jacket or worse. I understand that the best place to go to avoid any damage would be a dry cleaner specializing in down jackets. Where do you guys dry clean your Canada Goose / TNF etc. jackets?

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Yeah, I know this is the Canada forum but there wasn't a thread for Buffalo in the USA forum so I figured since Canadians especially people in Ontario usually head down to Buffalo/NY etc. for shopping I could get some help here.. So what are somee stops to make?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. But here goes.. Okay, I wanna order a hat from RocknJocks. But I'm hesitant, due to past experiences. I ordered a hat from [URL] (Im in Canada, obviously) So I obviously expected a higher price when transfered to CAD than what it was listed as - $34US. The receipt that was sent to my email imediately after I bought it said with taxes and stuff it was about 53$.. (I know its a lot.. but I really wanted the hat) HOWEVER, 77$ was charged when my credit card bill came in. This is why I'm hesitant to order from RocknJocks.. I want to make sure that I'm not gonna be paying nearly 100$ for a hat because of customs and stuff, so has anyone ordered a hat from RocknJocks to Canada? How much was it listed as, how much was the final bill, etc? Sorry for long post, I just wanted to make sure what I am trying to ask was clear.

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Specifically talking about this one.... [URL] I dont know if I should trust it. I realize that there is 20$ shipping but stilll.... What is the worst that can happen if I buy ? I want an ipod touch, and there are tons of auctions that total less than 30$ even... seems fishy to me.

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My nephews birthday is coming up. and he really likes my fire red 5s and always jokes around saying he wishes we were the same size so he could borrow them.. he asked his mom to get them but she said no, so i figured i would try to make his birthday special by getting them for him. but heres the question.. he wears a size 7.5 mens in AF1s and I found a pair of fire reds online that say size 7Y i had to size down for my fire reds, so i guess a 7 would be perfect for him. the price is right, and everything else... but that "y" is keeping my from buying them for now i obviously know it means its in kids sizes.. but is a kids size 7 different from mens? can someone clear this for me, asap please? ive been looking around a lot, and those are the only ones i found in his size so i would really like someont to help me out edit: just re-reading what i wrote, i realize people may not understand my question.. basically i mean. Is the next size up from 7Y an 8 in mens? or is it a completly different sizing chart?

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Just wanted to share a little ebay store I found that I think is pretty cool. They have a bunch of mini Nike Dunks and a few Jordans that are like keychain size. If i find any of shoes that I actually own, I might get it just for fun. Pointless thread, I guess, but I thought it was cool so I shared. *puts flame suit on* [URL]

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Okay so I ordered a hat from new era I usually wear 7 1/4, but this hat fits a lot bigger, maybe 7 3/8 or even 7 1/2. I read up on lots of different methods of shrinking them, many of them contradicting each other. I read about washing and leaving in the sun to dry (i dont have sun right now its mid winter).. so that sout of the option. ive also read about showering with it on your head? And I also read about spraying the headband part with water and letting it dry on your head. But before I anything that may ruin the hat, I want to know about people's first hand experiences with shrinking fitteds as I don't want to go out and ruin my hat within 24 hours of owning it. PS. I also read about just wearing it anyway and it will shrink to the shape of your head because of your sweat, but the hat is just tooo big. Any help is appreciated

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Where can you find the north face jackets?

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Okay so one of my good friends wants to buy her boyfriend a fitted for his birthday. He is a huge sneakerhead just like many of us on this forum and has his collection of hats too. She told me he said he goes to stores on queen for his hats but she doesn't know the name. Im guessing she means like stolen riches and livestock and goodfoot etc. I want to help her out so I told her how to get to - stolen riches - da zone - livestock - ransom/gdft - new era store of course just wondering if there are any other stores i should mention that i forgot? i also told her to check out lids at eaton centre too..

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i have the cookie monster hat from lids, and when i saw the cookie monster shoes i now need to get them, xD. i saw a guy wearing them, but when searched on the internet i can only find the kids version. im going to get flamed for this, but anyone know where to cop?

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seen 2 guys wearing starter ([URL]) snapbacks downtown this weekend. aynone no where to get them

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whats the difference between nike dunk and nike dunk surpreme.. if there is one

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hey everyone. I'm trying to decide, on getting either white dunks or white air maxes.. i need an all white shoe, more for everyday. air maxes --> champs but i dont know where to get dunks? low cut? anyone?

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