Can you guys help me get votes for my friends band here, to play a date on the Uproar festival, cuz the top band only has like 300 votes, and i know how powerful you guys can be when you get behind an artist they are going in the studio to start recording in early july, so the only audio sample they have on there right now is a live one

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i'm starting to look at what i want to do in the future, and i've decided that i want a job that has to do with music. anything from promoter to manager or pretty much any idea you have is welcome. What classes you think i should take would be nice, and any colleges that are good for this that you know of would be a great help, it's hard to find colleges that really fit what i'm looking for.

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list some of your favorite christmas songs [Embed content]

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so i think a lot of you remember that i was that 15 year old that liked three days grace too much, and i got a ton of albums recommended to me, and artists, and i still have a lot that i haven't heard, but he're's my updated top 10 10. [Image] - Nevermind

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so Vinyls stayed popular, and some are getting mad valuable, what do you think's gonna happen with CDs in the future, are they gonna get really valuable like Vinyls, or be trash like cassettes? I bought a copy of Nevermind by Nirvana and I had this idea that maybe i shouldn't open it, not sure what to do?

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what does everyone think of them? [URL]

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new artist from my school, mixtape coming soon, here's one of his older tracks, but he's gotten a lot better since this. none of the tracks from his upcoming tape are out yet. [URL]

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They get so much hate, will someone please enlighten me as to why?

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what are your top 5 favorite bands of all time, and top 5 bands currently? All Time: Green Day The Beatles Led Zeppelin Nirvana Three Days Grace Current: Green Day Three Days Grace My Darkest Days Rise Against Disturbed I neeeeeeeeeed better current rock shit. I know there's better shit so hopefully based off what you guys say, I find something I like.

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[URL] Lil B and Jay Elec droppin an EP together

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Who fucks wit R.E.M.? I just recently started getting into them. smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [URL]

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but idk how to make the part of the url upside down so im allowed to post it, so if u show me how to do that i can post the links for them. Til I Get There smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface imma just post them, if snippets aren't legal, then just remove them. Til I Get There - [URL]

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Jk, G.O.O.D. Music all day. We dont fuck wit maybach music musically.

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how old were u when u lost it? was it planned? where where u when u did?

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