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9/10 L Grey box logo hoodie purchased off here, great condition.  Looking to sell or trade for an XL supreme hoodie (paisley, last supper, etc. preferably black - please don't offer something with some big ass supreme logo on it, not my jam).  prefer a sale SOLD [Image]

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Looking for a sz L or XL paypal ready hit me up

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Hit me up, would also potentially do some type of trade with my grey L box logo hoodie/paisley camp.  Want a black one

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I, robtk, agree to trade my Supreme Navy Canvas Camp (SS13) for zane-'s Supreme Original Canvas Camp (SS13).  We will both ship out our items tomorrow (Wednesday, May 8th).  zane- do you agree to these terms?

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Located in Venice, Los Angeles.  Paypal Gift or +4%.  If payment is sent at a reasonable time, I will ship out SAME DAY.  Otherwise, guaranteed next day shipping.  USPS. Trades-looking for a black last supper hoodie DS Navy Supreme Paisley Camp - 9/10, no marks or blemishes of any kind $OLD [Image]

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Open to any offer, so feel free to hit me up with anything.  This includes trades, but I'm only really looking for Supreme (sz L for tees/tops).  Will ship out next day if possible, buyer pays shipping.  Paypal Gift or +4%.  Have bought/sold a few things on here, have further feedback on other forums.  Can do local meet-ups in LA (west side) FW12 - Sz 32 Burgundy Corduroy Work Pant - BNWT - these are simply too small for me.  Retailed for $128, make me an offer SS13 - Navy Canvas Camp Cap - BNWOT - never worn outside of my house. Quality is really high on these, just ask around.  $OLD [Image]

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Have cash ready, hit me up.

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Looking for either color, but prefer navy.  I can pay straight up or do a trade + cash - I have a S/S13 navy canvas camp to throw in the mix, dropped about two weeks ago.  LA local.  HMU [Image]

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Check out my buyer/seller feedback on http://photography-on-the.net/forum/ and http://fredmiranda.com - two sites I've bought and sold $1000's worth of camera gear on - same username on both. leave HB feedback here thx

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ended up selling

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