Harlem Kid Mixtape June 17.......I'm from Houston and I was insipred by witnessing the way ASAP Rocky embraced Houston Culture and I wanted to do create a project where I just spazzed over vintage New York Beats using alot of the elements that vintage NY flow. @robjay09 [Embed content]

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[Embed content]www.robjay.com

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Check out this little short film I recently put together. Feedback is appreciated [URL] [Embed content]

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[Image] Official Thread of the most awesomest rapper blog in the history of rappers blogging. Random, fun, exclusive content. I messed around and bout a flip cam and its been on and cracking sense then. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE. www.robjay.com p.s. Feel free to leave comments on how much I suck and how wack I am. Thanks!!

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[Embed content] G-Code is Snickers really ain't sharable item, however star burst and skittles are meant to be shared with the homies

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Director's Chair feat. Idris Elba [Image] http://soundcloud.com/robjay1982/directors-chair-feat-idris

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ALL THINGS ROB JAY [Image] Follow my latest music, videos and activities through this thread. For those who don't know me I'm out of Houston, Texas I've been putting in work since 2008. I'm probably most known for my debut EP Art Life, I've toured doing shows in L.A., ATL, Houston, New Orleans and overseas in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I was featured on the Takers Soundtrack Project with Idris Elba, and gotten some good posts in the blogs. Anyway I'm open for feedback, dialogue, collaborations the whole nine. For those who do know of me I appreciate the continued support. Make sure to visit my official site for exclusive free content updated daily http://www.robjay.com

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Just got a writing gig where I'll be covering music video directors, I feel like I'm up on a few cold directors but just putting it out there who's super nice with the camera right now. Not just the big names either, local, foreign who ever.

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[Image] I just dropped my latest project Millionaire Before 30. It's been getting some solid looks here and there but I just wanted some honest objective feedback so check it out, you can stream it for free below. Appreciate it. Millionaire Before 30 http://robjay.bandcamp.com/

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Check out Shyve, we bring you behind the scenes and highlight the hottest directors in hip hop making it happen. So far we've featured Jay-Z's personal photographer, Colin Tilley, Illusion Media and have an interview with Motion Family dropping soon. Check out our website today and if you know anyone who is dope have them send in their work and we'll post it. http://www.shyve.com

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Check out Shyve.com a blog dedicated to highlighting hip hop's hottest filmmaker, designers and photographers. Check out the site and if you someone who's nice have them send over their work and I'll post it. Contact info on the site www.shyve.com

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