Hi, Firstly, I'm pretty new to this site so appologise if there has been another post somewhere relating to this. I was wondering whether anyone knew the likelyhood of them releasing one of these or another wave of an older vintage model in the coming months? Thanks in advance.

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Size down one. Tried a pair of these on at the weekend, I'm usually a size 9/10 but tried an 8 and had a little bit of room. Turns out these shoes look ridiculous worn with Skinny Jeans, so i passed. Cool shoes though.

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Finished watching Breaking Bad last month, although i was a little bummed about it being "over" the ending fitted and it did just that, end. I received my Breaking Bad Barrel in the post the other day so will probably start watching the series from the beginning again. Any suggestions for a new programme to sink my teeth into? Heard The Wire is supposed to be good?

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Urbanoutfitters? The one in the UK is having a 20% off everything at the moment anyway. Hope this helps man.

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[Quote]Alright guys, Been looking on this forum for ages and would like to get my hands on a pair of APC Petit Standards in the near future. It seems like the consensus is to size down between 2/3 sizes for a fitted - skinny fit. My waist measures at around 29.5". I currently own a pair of Nudie Thin Finn Organic Dry Twill (7 Months) and love them but fancy a change. I wear a 30" in them and they fit nicely. Anyone now how the Petit Standard fit compares to Thin Finn? I'm looking to end up with a fit like the one pictured above. What do you recon, Size down to 28 or a 27? I dont want Skin tight but i want skinny. Any advise would be appreciated. Cheers.

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