Sorry if this has been asked numerous times already but i went through a few pages and didnt see... What does the arabic writing say on the flying coffin tee

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fuck fuck fuck. I cant believe i didnt have a chance to cop the flipped cross rosary when it was on black friday sale, and now it aint even on the site anymore. Will there be another chance to cop this?

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them slapping black on the Grapes like it was something really creative was wack, but im a suker for the color combo and I just cant get myself NOT to like them

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Grapes and Black Grapes haha..  not really a fan of those Oreos.. I like em, but theres better kicks to spend the money on. Hopefully find them at the outlet

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Jut copped some used Dino Jr.s at SneakerCon Chicago for 90.  Fuckin stoked.. I wanted some since I was hella young but never found a pair in 13

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Lil B - I Own Swag

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^Northcoast IS looking good.. But yea Pitchfork, im only going to see M.I.A. and Lil B i cant fuckin lie. Ill stay for a while just to be able to say I saw R. Kelly haha.. And talkin about tickets sellin out, i am pretty sure they CAN sell out but usually don't . It aint like Warped tour where tickets are ALWAYS available. I think when I went for Odd Future it sold out

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It is true that LaVeyan Satanism gets looked at badly and its sad that when I tell people that is what I believe in they feel the need to immediately judge without feeling ashamed that they have no clue what they are judging. That being said I dont know why that was brought up because the number 666 holds no significance to LeVeyan Satanism. I do have a few questions about other symbolism in the shirts though. I love this brand and do own a couple pieces, but I see people talking about FFF. What does this mean besides (like eXquire said) Fuck em, Fuck em and Fuck em.. Or an all female threesome haha.. Am i missing something. Also the two triangles with the hexagrams  on the bottom points like on the arm of Cupid's Sin. I know this is a B for the brand name but what is the deeper meaning. Also the Hexagram can mean a shit ton of things Please help me out on these because I really do want to get the meaning of every shirt.  Has Mega dropped a video or post explaining the symbolism at all? This type of thing makes a brand so much more interesting

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