Hey Amplifly! (thats a really cool name) I found it on another site, maybe this will work better: [URL]

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I found this clip really interesting. Its from a dvd "Live from Jazz At Lincoln Center New York City" I had no idea Willie did jazz! [URL] - Marina Fontana

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Rachel gets married.. sad flick.

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I've always had canon, I don't know it was my first digital camera, and first digital SLR.. But I played around with my sisters Nikon, and found the response time a bit faster.

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Who's up for some Mamma Mia? My friend at UMGD told me that she saw it and thought it was phenomenal. I am totally stoked for it, especially since I got the soundtrack last week when it came out. The songs are super catchy. I know that they are ABBA songs but the cast does an amazing job of capturing the energy and makes the songs even more upbeat. Anyone else get the soundtrack or planning to? I definitely recommend it! Check out the trailer for the movie: [URL]

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