I don't post much but this caught my eye. Mayimbe said that there is no such thing is truth but i'd have to strongly disagree. [I]Truth[/I]as Plato discusses it in his theory of the form of things and as i believe absolutely exist, more so it exist as a fraction in everything. The reality and the presentation of truth in our everyday actions, I think, is what Mayimbe is speaking to and even still to the masses truth is hard to grasp because it, like beauty and the idea of good is lofty, only a idea of which we see remnants of in everyday life. virungua said that truth does not exist and that man should look inside himself for it, but even that suggest that truth does exsit in every thing that is, in every being and therefore proves that the ideal of truth and the potential [I]recognition[/I] (if you could call it that) of truth exist in all of us, our surroundings and experiences. The crazy thing though is how we relate to truth is expressed in our everyday lives, be it style, attitude, whatever and defines us as [human] beings. Truth, actual truth is unmoved and like all other things unmoved and grounded, in my opinion, linked to God, not a Christina God, Islamic God, Jewish God or any other religion, but rather the source of all permanence/orgin of everything in the universe. Pardon the long post but I couldn't help it. Good thread imo Ruby.

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Solja boys beats are pretty tough and would make a good canvas for kanye. On the other hand soulja boys lyrics are pretty 1 sided, maybe kanyes production and presence will have some influence on him not that it would really matter

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i think most of you are silly.

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[URL] [U]rza killed it.[/U] wu-tang killed it, raekwon killed it and later pharrell killed it.

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[URL] i was happy to hear a inglish beat, but the guy rapping ain't bad.

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[Quote] yeah but so did the boots i saw. not timberland but whatever they were when i remember/find them i'll post.

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I'm almost positive Kanye isnt wearing timbs, i cant remember which designer but some guy (read high fashion) just put out a line of boots that look exactly like timbs, in all the basic colors. so like i said im almost positive that he's not rocking timbs.

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this song sucks, and its not because of the beat. i love the clipse but this was wack, especially coming from them, the sad thing is it will probably be well received because they didn't have to come hard to be better than the majority of people. and clipse and jay aren't the only ones that kill neptunes beats, they just are given the best ones.

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kid cudi: a kid named cudi mixtape ( really just started giving him a listen he does him more than most) passion pit: chunk of change & manners boobie stoops: guy from detroit who i think might be the future, honestly, i dont toss that title at all.

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i don't even post that often, but i am surprised this isn't getting hyped up. the shit was a pretty big deal, at least to me.

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[Quote] im going to have to agree. no dis to you but i didnt know rochester was like that.

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i'm watching miami ink and i gotta say yoji's pretty fresh. [Image]

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i actually like trey's last album, but that shit was wack.

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[Quote] ur right, preciate you looking though. but i found them these are it. I was a little fucked up before. nike terra ci [Image] i love these for some reason.

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