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In NYC for the week. Need some place to shop and eat Halal pizza Chinese did all that Need some places to shop too  thanks HB

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Anyone knows of any bigcartel (US currency) that sells nice simple t-shirts for good pricing Please no $40 t shirts of any swag type shit thanks

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Who's in one. By fraternity/sorority i mostly mean Greek social fraternities but business and community service is fine too...

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Gonna leave for Houston in two weeks and gonna be staying there for less than a week Asking my HB Houston heads what's there to do not looking for bars and clubs cause it's the same everywhere and easy to find, looking for interesting things to do during the day. Especially shopping and shit thanks gais

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So as you all know, NBA All Star Game this year is being held at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL. Ya boy ain't got enough paper to pay a grand for two tickets for good seats. That's why I'm thinking about going to the Rising Star game ($40 per ticket, ain't that bad). But the problem is that the only seats available are nose bleeds. Reason I want to go is that who knows when the next time the All Star is coming to Orlando and plus I wanna see Jeremy Lin play... So what should be done HB citizens... should I just live life and go even though it's bad seats, or say fuck it and watch that shit on TV (even though they're playing 20 mins from where I live)

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[Embed content] *dead at "Wiz and Amber"*

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