[Quote] hows the fit on those? assuming they're the same as these: [URL] according to the reviews on their site they're tighter around the waist

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if you have an iphone, you can use the paid version of text now to do it.

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anyone pick up one of those target peacoats?

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[Quote] im pretty sure that since the blade is deployed by a button on the handle it's considered a switchblade and therefore illegal in ca...

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[Quote] wait what? but you're from ca right (basing this off your location)? but yeah i don't usually carry a knife, just a spyderco bug on my keychain which takes care of most cutting tasks i encounter throughout the day. If i'm expecting some heavier knife usage i'll take my delica with me.

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anyone know wtf the "rigid stf" and "stf" are actually supposed to be on amazon? [URL] also, if i usually wear a like a 31x32 in 514's and 32x32 in 511's what should i get for the stfs?

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current- 02 wrx next-keep the wrx and a 2.5 hybrid build, sti, evo 9, 370z, e46 m3 (depending on how much the price drops on the last two)

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[Quote] where do you live? it's rhd...

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[Quote] ahahah i was in vent with her we were all looking for each other

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i found u ^^^

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thinking about getting my first pipe. Anyone have any reccommendations? or are they all pretty much the same. And should i get one from my local smoke shop or buy it online?

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canada asked nicely for their independence.

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[Quote] So then how is spending money on cars and less of a waste than spending it on clothes? see the hypocrisy in your argument? unless of course your talking about those who spend every penny to buy x car. Yeah, that's retarded.

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[Quote] you realize you can easily argue the same thing with clothes and shoes right?

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