Here is a debut from a fresh young artist, a friend of mine and a true talent. Criticism accepted, and if you like it throw it on your blogs. Appreciate the help HB !! [URL]

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[URL] the lineup was crazier last year, but I'm excited to smiff-n-wessun

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[URL] this is by far the craziest thing I have seen in a while, apart from that chick on the train. p.s. does anyone know from experience if it is really like this

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When you shoot someone an offer on ebay, does that constitute a binding agreement ? It was a Buy it now or Best offer thing, I sent the guy an offer, next thing I know there is an invoice in mailbox asking for payment. I was just wondering if there is supposed to be one more confirmation sent to me asking if I am willing to proceed with the trnasaction ?

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Honey is the name produces by 9th Wonder the album is supposed to be coming out on feb 26th her birthday I think. I also hear madlib has played a role in its production.

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I've been going back and forth with this idea for the past few days now and just looking for an outside perspective, I was thinking about doing a documentary about why people love hip-hop. It will basically be just random interviews having people spit there favorite verse,lyric,whatever....from the song that means something to them. I was going to hit up old and young heads alike. I'm not to sure where else I would go with really just playing with the idea. All feedback will be appreciated. F.Y.I. - This is not something I'm trying to make money off of, just a personal endeavour, I would like to pursue.

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in NYC ?

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question will tmobile provide internet service for an unlocked curve.... I can get one for around 300 it was for at&T but I was thinking about getting it unlocked, a firne dof mine told me he tried and tmobile refused to add the service line(not actually sure why) have any of you done this before, and how simple/complicated is it ?

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aight heres the deal my car was hit by a drunk driver a few weeks ago and apparently the dudes insurance comapany is non- existent anymore, it was one of those mom and pop insurance companies ( I think the name was Long Island Insurance). I called the number and it says the number is no longer in use. I was wondering is there a way to find a number for this place, my only idea was to call the better business bureau and hopefully get some info. on the company. Appreciate all advice

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YOur not going to believe what fucking happened tonight. I'm sitting in my room watching entourage enjoying season II when I hear this loud bang outside my window, I at first didn't pay it any mind until I heard my parents yelling.... I look outside my window to find that someone hit my parked car with their car and pushed it up onto my sidewalk. The guy then tries to pull off, mind you he popped his tire and is driving on the rim itself. My dad and my brother rush out the house hop in their cars and chase this guy down the street, they caught up to him. Luckily the Police were right around the corner and pulled him over immediately, the prick was arrested for drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Im not really mad about the car, what I am mad about is I just 35 dollars worth of gas in there this morning smh smh smh

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What's going on this is mainly for those who are of voting age, do you vote ?? and if you don't why not ??? would really appreciate the help i have to do a poll with responses for one of my classes. Thanks

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Anyone know any online stores or store that take phone order that carry keep/Ubiq ??? appreciate all help

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How do Nike frees fit, true to size or smaller ?? appreciate the help

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Hye just wondering how much I could get for the white and purple mitas ??? there near deadstock but just too big... I'm asking in terms of a decent B.I.N appreciate all help.

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Can someone please clear this up for me becasue i have been hearing different info from different people who probably don't know what they are talking about. Is the studio here in Nyc doing that AF1 25th Anniversary thing indefinately or are they going to go back to the old way with the raffle and what not. From what i hear right now you can only I.d. Air force 1's for the anniversary. I also heard that this special event won't be lasting much longer. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated just need to clear some of this confusin up !! Thanks

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