The difference between Maher and O'reilly is, O'reilly takes himself seriously. He thinks he is Jesus ( or the closest man will come). He also reverts to immature tactics when he dons't agree with guest. Cut mics, cut video feed, etc. When Maher doesn't agree, he will just make a joke or call you an idiot for believing in whatever it is you are wrong in. There are times when I agree with Maher and disagree with him. But, for the main fact O'reilly isn't meant to be funny is what makes it hilarious. Also ... Maher actually looks shit up. O'reilly wll cite any bullshit source he can get his hands on. I guess that what happened when your career begins at Inside Edition.

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"Anglo Americans" have a history of racial bigotry. As well as ethinic

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^ you have a point. You do have a point that it was the white vote in Idaho that secured Obama's candidacy during the primaries, but it is a large portion of older/ more hard lined whites who continue to perpetuate these inconsistencies about Obama's culture, religions, and affiliations. Ignorance is a two way street. There are blacksvoting for Obama soley off of his race. ( I personally preferred Richardson/ Edwards). The only difference is the importance of power as a voting block. The black vote is not enough, or considered powerful enough to sway an election. It is the white vote that is crucial and why their opionions and sentiments are eulogized by the media.

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I went last year... it was ok. Not the greatest event I have ever been to. EPMD peformace was mediocre, but the Nas was on point. The overall event seemed poorly planned and shoddily put together.

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Here is a debut from a fresh young artist, a friend of mine and a true talent. Criticism accepted, and if you like it throw it on your blogs. Appreciate the help HB !!

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[Quote] Common.. the last time I saw him, it was amazing

Replied in MF Doom + Rock the Bells Last Saturday=FAiL, 2 Weeks ago in Music,com_myblog/show,NYC-uestlove-Live-Uncut-on-Sat-Aug.-8th.html/Itemid,140/ Also I heard something about Aesop Rock at mccarren skate pool, williamsburg at 2. And Jill Scott will be at Wingate field on monday,7:30... take the 2 to winthrop Avenue and follow the crowd. the lineup was crazier last year, but I'm excited to smiff-n-wessun

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compared to the original, the chorus doesn't seem to fit with the beat. Minor nuisance to an overall decent song

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TONIGHT WAS AMAZING ALL THE GUEST PEFORMERS WERE AMAZING especially the BIz... JAy-z was cool... I was four rows from the front, great spot, great friends, great night.

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I've never been to a Jamba Juice, do you tell them the name off the secret menu or the ingredients off of the secret menu to get the desired end result?

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she has the Wilford Brimley disease ...

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Amy winehouse..... Would you rather have your face sat on by the big show or have hillary clinton rub her balls on your forehead ?

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enjoys a nice tea-baggin every once in a while

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Dwele> D.borck> bilal

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i was going to create a thread about this yestrsay when I first saw it, I thought it was hilarious. I am glad to see he still has a sense of humor and not thinking things like this are beneath him.

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