the good ol days [URL]

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shit is baby [URL]

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even though the IFC is located in the wack ass west village i can't pass this film up...recognize... [URL]

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this guy is a true hero....for those that dont know beginning of the year wesley autrey jumped onto subway tracks while a train was approaching so he could save a complete stranger who was having a seizure. [URL]

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Now that both of you so called "Civil Rights activists" have succeeded in helping to fire Don Imus can both of you fools get to the real issues affecting blacks. Here are a few issues that come to mind. 1.) Why don't both of you boycott/picket/ban the likes of Snoop, 50 cent, Game, Lil John, Young Jeezy, Jay-z and 99% of rappers out there who demean and degrade black women in their lyrics and videos. 2.) Boycott BET for these 3 racist words BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. 3.) Lead a protest in North Carolina to demand an apology and reimbursment for pain, suffering/ slander and embarrasement to the three WHITE lacrosse players FALSELY accused of raping/sodomizing a BLACK stripper? 4.) Both of you scumbags should apoligize for your scandals that you caused years ago, Jesse Jackson when asked to describe NYC he called it "Hymietown" and Al Sharpton for the Tawana Brawley fiasco. I'm sure the REAL Civil Rights leaders (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks. Susan B. Anthony are all turning in their graves.

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going to see it tonight in later on tonite or tomorrow, holla if ya swalla

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[URL] damn, heartless bastard!

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i'm prob a bit older than most members on here and ya'll prob. like d.chappelle more but i remember seeing this about 8 yrs. ago and i was in tears laughing.... Chris Rock - Beat by the Police [URL]

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damn 60 murders already?...that's more than double of newark, nj's (17) is going on in philly? [URL]

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[URL] tongueface blinkyeyes

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this is's in the heart of the village also....6th street and 3rd or 4th avenue, near gray's papaya i beleive...if you're in the nj/nyc area i'm sure you have seen this video about 100x in the news already.... [URL]

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Just like the title says. If it's a repost my bad. I have 6...

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Hey all my girl and I are planning a February trip to Chicago. We both reside in Jersey and plan on driving there. I have a 2002 VW GTI 1.8T. My question is what are the must sees in the windy city? Which hotels are recommended? We will be staying for 4 or 5 days, probably Fri-Wed. I have checked wikitravel but would still like your opinions fellow hypebeasters. Thanks, Javier

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