so there's this girl i like, but she's the type that kinda keeps her feelings to herself a lot, so im not sure if she likes me or not. i try talking to her, but she gives me short answers (not exactly 1 word answers but short enough that you can't continue on the same subject) and ends it off like that from time to time, and i have to keep the conversation going by changing topics or something. should i just keep trying to talk to her and learn more before going on a date? btw, im in high school and we dont have any classes together so the only way we can talk is thru texting or some shit.

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how much does Uniqlo cost?

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1. Rakim 2. GZA 3. Big Daddy Kane 4. Masta Ace 5. Pharoahe Monch 6. Chuck D 7. Nas 8. KRS One 9. Mos Def 10. Guru

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an old g-shock from 2006.

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