I'm always a little biased when it comes to VIP platforms and Euroline TH's. I always like a full faced wheel on them. The offset is nuts, and I love it, especially a 19x11 in the front. Gnarly.

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Hah. I wouldn't consider ImportAtlanta representative of the Atlanta scene. I own the site StayClassyAtlanta. We're unbiased to all makes of auto and all things to do in Atlanta.

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This is a friend of mine riding out in a rat rod we built at my shop. This is all it's about, building fun cars and having a blast driving them. We are also the builders of the infamous BMW Rat Rod, along with some other fun LSx based stuff. Watch the video, enjoy, and show your friends. And most importantly, StayClassy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBoX4Hb7-D8 -Skipper.

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On that Bozo tip. Love how much fun they have with em.

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Like everyone else has said, I'd stick with some wheels and a drop. A decent set of coilovers to spin the car down will be in the 1k range. A decent set of wheels will be right at 1k as well. I can't remember what bolt pattern the Cobalt is off hand. My buddy had a supercharged one. It was fun to work on, but jesus it had some recalls. Every 2 weeks the car was in for some broken interior piece. I know you don't want to hear it, but save your money and just drive it. You'll be much happier when you sell it down the road with a fat stack of cash you've been saving.

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Pissing people off daily...it's what it's all about. It's pretty neat. I would like to see all of the duct tape removed and some body work take place.

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Are you seriously getting 15mpg's in a 325? If youre getting that mileage, its your driving habits. But, a diesel VW would be a great contender. Electronics are a bit iffy, but theyve gotten much better. If its used, look for one with manual rollup windows and door locks. It'll help on maintenece.

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Much appreciated, sir.

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I own a website that shows the automotive lifestyle in Atlanta and would love to find a few small brands to promote through my site. If you know any clothing or any type of accessory brands that are Atlanta based (preferably a small company), id love to help give them some exposure. Thanks, -Skipper.

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Ive replaced the tranny on one before. Total pain and pretty shitty to have to replace one at 70k miles. Comfy cars though.

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