90's, 95's, 180's

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Manual, unless you drive in traffic everyday.

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Vestax, Rane, or Pioneer depending on what you wanna do. I've had my Vestax 05 pro for 9 years now, and it still performs like it did on day 1, after some fader cleaning. Right now I'm currently using a Pioneer DJM-909.

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Definitely get 1200's. They're the industry standard. CDj's are cool, but just don't have the same feel as vinyl, cutting/scratching/mixing wise. Mixer, if you can afford it get a Rane TTM54, or the TTM57 with Serato. I have a DJM-909, which I absolutely love and will use until I decide to get the TTM57. Needles, Shure M44-7, hands down the best for what you want to do. If you plan on scratching alot, pick up some of the dirtstyle records, scratchy seal, and so on and so forth.

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Capone n Noreaga ft Royal Flush - Iced Down Medallions

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saw the movie last night, ridiculously gasping for air funny!

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Orlando Magic All Day!

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Grand Opening Sunday June 7th! More info @ reignfl.com

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[Quote] Thanks for coming through! Was a pleasure meeting you all! Sucks that you guys came and it rained the whole time, but glad you guys had a good trip. If you guys are ever come back hit us up!

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Summer should be dropping 5/22. If you guys can't find anything locally, hit us up! Phone orders accepted. We still have a few pieces from the Spring 09 shipment, and can work something out if we have what you're looking for. reignfl.com/new/playclothsspring.jpg

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KIKS TYO & Others Just In! KIKS TYO x Yuko Ishida x Shanadoo, Crooks Spring Goods, Upper Playground, & Acrylick. Play Cloths dropping 5/22. Tokidoki, Dissizit, and others coming soon. Peep the women's galleries: reignfl.com/ladies & reignfl.com/ladies2 Peep the website reignfl.com for more releases.

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[Quote] We are OPEN for business. Our new address is: 114 South Semoran Blvd., Suite #2 Winter Park, FL 32792 407.677.6745 We are in the University Shoppes Center at the SW corner of University & Semoran. In the plaza behind the Citgo Gas Station, and across from the Taco Bell and Full Sail on the Semoran Side. Same shopping center as Lollicup, Ascension Tattoo, A Comic Shop, Gizmo, China Garden, and so on and so forth. Grand Re-Opening May 31st!

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Dropping Tomorrow! [Image] Also in, new KIKS TYO collaboration tees. http://www.reignfl.com

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[Quote] [SIZE="5"]Stop by or Call us - Phone Orders Welcome! 407-677-6745[/SIZE] [Image]

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[CENTER]Hit us up! We might have your size left. Phone orders accepted!! [Image][/CENTER]

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