Song is chill as fuck and the outro is so ill. [URL]

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I downloaded FL studio about a week ago and I've just been messing around with it trying to figure it out. This is the first beat I've completed so don't be too harsh. Can I get some feedback and suggestions? BTW, I have no idea how to mix/master properly. So any tips on that would be greatly appreciated as well. [URL]

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Guess that "P" in his name stands for pedophile. [URL] [Image]

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[URL] *sighs*

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[URL] Back to the old Drake, finally. But he references that tennis and love shit too much lol.

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Do you prefer a girl who doesn't really have a past? Not just a sexual past either, but I mean as far as things like: Maybe she hasn't had a boyfriend, never spoken on the phone with a guy, maybe hasn't gone to the park, held hands, been kissed, been to the movies. Hasn't had sex, been fingered, gave head, or anything of that nature. Basically she's one of those girls who thinks every single thing is special so she waited to do it all with one person, that person being you. Or would you prefer a girl that's done everything? Fucked mad different dudes, everywhere you take her she's already made memories with other guys. Nothing is new to her. Her lips have touched dicks and lips that you don't even know about it. Every special anniversary gift you purchase or birthday idea you may have, another guy could have possibly already done for her. Etc. A girl with a past you have to deal with, or a girl with hardly any past where you're positive that you'll be all she knows. Which type of female do you prefer to be with and why?

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I woke up this morning feeling like shit. Pounding headache, sore throat, and stuffy nose. What's some things you do when you're sick to feel better besides the conventional over-the-counter medicine? For me, I gargle salt water when I have a sore throat, it tastes nasty as hell if you accidentally swallow some, but helps a little. Can't forget chicken noodle soup (no soda on the side), and taking those cold ass baths when I get a flu. Also, I heard this shit works but never tried it. [Image] Share.

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links dead.

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