[Quote] this is clean, info on pants?

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new users always reviving super old post smh

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personally dont have a problem with the band tees and rap artists. i think im more tired of seeing nmd's with poorly distressed denim and dad caps. especially dad caps with super random designs in attempt to be "edgy".

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need a size 9 in those black authentics :-\

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was listening to BITTSM on youtube and peeped a random recommended video with some dude rocking the kanto hat, you for sure came a long way man.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsb5RvHtmZU

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gone to HB heaven and are now lookin down at us

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wish they dropped some stuff similar to older pieces such as the og bomber and coaches again. most of this new stuff isnt that appealing

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that alpha industry bomber is so tacky

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patiently waiting for the BDU release.. been needing a pair for a min. also been rocking the hell out of my ghost army tees, favorite tees in my rotation

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Days Before Rodeo live love asap Dirty Sprite 2 yeezus first instrumental mixtape by Clams

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yooo, who hyped for narcos season 2 though? smokeyface also finsihed stranger things, decent show for me. Nothing too crazy as I expected more

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really digging this topic because people are often too quick to assume im a materialistic narcissist for collecting clothing. Streetwear is kind of like a hobby to me. While my homies collect records, toy cars, etc, I feel like collecting various pieces from brands which have their own stories, cultural references, and sentimental value. Personally, it's also kind of an outlet of expression as cliche as that sounds. Kinda like being able to display what im into, whether it be an artist, design, etc. It also felt good knowing that I put some thought into my fits regardless of it being a flex or simple, casual fit. As everyone else had also said, it felt good in a way feeling apart from the pack as I would be rocking wtaps, supreme, or something alike versus seeing that mall stuff i.e. obey, Young and reckless, etc. I tried to remind myself that it's just clothes and to stay humble rather than being so judgemental because I know multiple homies who simply can't afford to drape themselves in designer/streetwear. I think what we can all relate to is that dope feeling you get when you open up that lookbook/preview for a brand and spot something super clean. Especially when youre able to end your search for that item and finally get your hands on it, that sense of accomplishment in a way is different and feels great.

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what is this lol i dont even know what im looking at

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Lot of social media promotion like those ig/tumblr wannabe models. swear I be seeing every girl in LA and SF rocking superstars and stans.

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damn u trying really hard to push this brand out by commenting on every post huh

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