So I'm​ shopping for some comfort shoes, promised my gf i will only order 1 pair of sneakers a if you had to choose which pair would you go with $99.00 Stampd X Puma Trinomic Sock  or  $199.00 Y3 Desert Boot both are on sale 50% off Y3 and 35% off on the Pumas [Image]

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[Quote] Yes HYPEBEAST DIY-er

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[Quote]'s actually easier to buy a pair of visvims than make these...But visvim soles are not in the same league as adidas boost. It will actually be cool to swap visvim soles with the boost soles...hmmmmm  Cost Breakdown: $200- 250 (sneaker & mocs ) Clamps, blades, glue and wood and plexiglass: $50-100 Time : 8hrs minimum @ $50/ hr blushing yes don't under value your artistic talent, $400

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ok lost my original text....weird.....but these are my Custom Adidas Mocs....Love them ..though it took 8 hours trying to find the best method of ripping the soles from the sneaker top smh from cutting to ripping to heat and not ever use heat lol...Much credit to Adidas the Ultra Boost soles are almost in-destructable..... Follow me on IG I will be doing another pair on Saturday Sept 12th and post some videos of the steps. This time in using Nike Soles, they are more affordable...given the cheaper price point i may be sacrificing some of the comforts of having a all foam sole like the adidas boost....I swear its like walking on clouds from heaven...with the right Nike soles im sure it will be close.  Check out the pics below. [URL] [Quote]

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first put on the jeans and start from the bottom to determine the width for you leg mouth...(bottom of jeans) use a safety pin to hold the go to the inner seam crouch area and determine a comfortable amount to take in...again pin with a safety pin.  From there u can take off the pant, flip inside out, draw straight line from leg to crouch and sew... once finished sewing try on prior to sewing the other leg and adjust if necessary then re-sew. I take it that u do have a sewing machine

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Is the Y-3 store in Soho under construction/renovation? I drove by Sunday night and there was a lot of building materials on the sidewalk, couldn't tell if it was for Y-3 or a neighboring store.

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wonder if they are open today???

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Flip flops, o Like sharkin said generic surplus mesh shoes or I have an unworn pair if gs run small so order a size up....

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LOL love the album cover

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[Quote] I have been out of touch with music for a while (ESPECIALLY RAP/HIPHOP) can't really judge who is better between soulja boy or Wiz khalifa but I'm more familiar with soulja boy..... The guy who did this song is on Twitter and I asked him of he was dissing Wiz this is what he said: WallStreetSlimm @RedOraNYC its more of a song respecting the the hustle of all the Amber Roses out there...#Irollup #irollup I fucks with da Wiz Kid blushing Ps I bought the song and there is a girl on it that has a pretty dope rap style... OH YEA FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER GUYS @RedOraNYC ALSO SUPPORT CITIZENRadio

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Wiz-ard of Oz lol

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yea i was never a fan of wiz khalifa's(super boring)music but thanks to repetitive radio black and yellow is stuck in my head..i think that's his song though i could be wrong

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A friend put me on to this song called [URL] [Image] Couldnt find it out youtube but it was on itunes when i googled it. If anyone find a youtube video please add it.

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Hot or Not? [Image]

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