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99% shit's aight. intelligent guy. but wait. you fgts still have fit battles? hold up lemme change from my sweat pants into my armani collezioni x dmnd cai x dior 17cm mij x sbtg fnf and take a selfie so u fgts can upvote me swift won doe still sux @ png doe

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[Quote]This. The urge to borrow $3000 and go out and buy dat 60" widescreen or whatever the fuck will be high, just don't. Also, some people say you can build credit faster by keeping a balance on your card so the bank can "make a little money on you." Complete bullshit, just pay on time.

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no lie if I wasn't looking for a sedan I would cop one just because of dat rocket bunnie

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Lexus makes excellent cars. Take a look at a few. is300 1st and 2nd gen GS 1st and 2nd gen LS

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[Quote]I see that, hence the but What I should have added is that I wasn't actually calling bullshit

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[Quote]lol in what? 1/4 mile? track? it's A LOT closer than you think on either against a non-ss a super sport would be more comparable against an atom v8

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[Quote]looks like an ab plate... but tagged pics that arent from ebay usually give more e-cred

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WHAT THE FUCK what kind of fgts would NOT release an uncensored version

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[Embed content]

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there's an unrepairable beam inside the door that you won't be able to tell if it's broken unless you take the door apart. if you got into this accident and that beam was already broken, the damage would be far worse. I don't know if you thought you could just pull those dents out and repaint it or whatever, but a) those dents are retarded b) the entire door would need to be repainted (unless you want some terrishit half assed job) anyone that could fix that for $700 (not impossible) is doing a hack job. Is insurance literally giving you $2000 cash? Is that how they do shit in America?

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[Quote]lifting for 3 months and gained 2 lbs. at 7% bf, gaining some fat is hardly a concern. if he's having this much trouble gaining, he'll have no problem cutting. 2000 calories not nearly enough. you can go ahead and get a mass supplement, but it's a SUPPLEMENT. You add that in when you get your shit together and it's still not enough. Also, those OTC mass gainers are mostly going to be made up of sugar, a simple carb. Not a good thing.

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[Quote]2700 is pussy shit PS. that 2 lbs is probably water weight variance too You're either not eating as much as you think, or you're doing curls in the squat rack

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i know how you feel bro, I used to get drunk 3-4x a week back in high school. People I knew for years that never met me sober. After high school, started hitting the club 3x a week EVERY week, no exception. Started getting bored of that, and just would prefer house parties overall. There's more to life than just partying, all my friends from that scene are working menial jobs, doing shit all, wasting their life, saving their paychecks so they can go to EDC & Shambhala every year, and all these smaller shows in between. Meanwhile all these other kids have finished uni, starting careers and shit. I mean, yea it's good to enjoy life while you're young, your early-mid 20s are your prime, but I just felt really stuck in my life recently, I went through some hard times, I was getting drunk by myself every night for awhile. Now I've kinda disconnected with all my friends, but I've been sober for 3 months now, have some real plans for the  few years.

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