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their hoodies fit true to size in length wise, but tend to have long puffy sleeves

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orisue sky high franco shade sparkle hoody lrg Iron Maiden triumvir tee Levis Japan vintage 501 1966 [Image]

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cmonwealth carries prps... [URL]

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I got mine today. The quality isn't as good as I thought, but nice hoodie nonetheless.

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as I have said it in another thread, Canadian customs have gotten a lot stricter, they will open pretty much every parcel, if they found anything suspicious about the values of the items, they would tax you in any possible ways..duty/gst/pst/brokerage... you name it. may I ask you what brands are your hoodies? and did they charge you GST/PST only? as far as I know, they have specific duty taxes applied on imported products. Like if your hoodie is made entirely in the states, there would be no duty tax (still subject to GST/PST tho), but if it is made in the UK or some european countries, there would be duty taxes. It is simply ridiculous...I mean not only we have to pay expensive international shipping but also other outrageous fees. This is one of the many reasons I don't like about this country... feeling being ripped off all the time.

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the odds are that your parcels are held by customs and you are going to pay customs/duty/brokerage fees. Sometimes it takes them more than a month to send it back to the reciever... so...be patient.

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[Quote] dude.... the hoodie is not some limited shit or something.... there will be more sites carrying them........why take the risk?......

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[Quote] damn the fees he charged are outrageous.. 15% commission + bank fee + additional shipping inside japan.

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hanon-shop.com ordered a silas hoody from them awhile ago.They somehow wrote my address wrong; the parcel got stuck in the local post office for weeks, but fortunately the postal staff there figured it out and sent it back to me. On top of that, I got charged customs and duties on the same parcel and later found out their stuff are mad overpriced.

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[Quote] revolver is a japanese brand....

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he aint good looking.. but one thing for sure... the dude is freaking smart and rich...

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B + T = BT

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asian ---gap---- white latina ----big gap----- black arab Indian

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damn....I am in Edmonton.... can u hook me up ?

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