[Quote] most shirts in general are individually hand-screened or automatic, just b/c its by hand doesn't mean its any better. it just seems that way because of the perception of "doing things by hand is slower and better quality" i've screened shirts, "hand-finished them", sew on the labels and tags before myself, and i don't think its right to charge consumers $70-80 bucks for a single color shirt.

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i'll get the pics later, but i'm pretty sure most of u guys saw/heard about it. what do u guys think about the wesc headphones? they look pretty dope but they retail at a steep $90

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penfield just released some jackets, h&m works pretty good for the price, gap, spiewak, stussy downs, northface, staple cut and sew but its pretty expensive.

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^ i think if you email them they will

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[Quote] so you're saying w/o those ugly hypebeasty things there will be no good designs? blinkyeyes

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i'm tired on seeing girls on shirts that has nothing to do with anything then just a "sex selling" item ANDDD the most of them don't even look that great

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penfield, spiewak, stussy, snowboard jackets do pretty good, get it from last season its pretty cheap and works real good

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there should be a neither option

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i think you're too ungangster for that jacket, hand it over blushing

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^what do u need?

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[Quote] whoa 45min, thats a long ride if you ask me blinkyeyes i'm looking for an atmos connect too, maybe nyc connect?

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[Quote] maybe you're the only 1 out of xxx amount of ppl that ordered ds that DIDN'T care if it was on time. If someone is about to shell out 250 upfront and DS said that it was a shirt every month, i'd expect a shirt every month for a product i paid for. waiting 3-4 months on 1 shirt when it was released 4 months ago is ridiculous in my eyes and the designs weren't even that hot. i think it was a good idea in hindsight but the shirts wasn't great and the items were shipped in a timely matter.

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there's probably more resellers than people actually wanting to buy the shoes waiting in line to cop the shoes

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staple has always been dope to me. you guys don't even give the credit where credit is due. stpl has been a og in the clothing industry. jeff staple himself even knows that some of his stuff doesn't sell b/c kids dont like it or don't understand it. some of his cut and sew look amazing but the price is always quite out there.

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puma, adidas, new balance, etc also has tier 0 type accounts.

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