Phase 1: Collect Underpants Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit!!

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Newports. Their simply the best cigerrette ever. Hate it or love it, smoke a blunt and a newport... you have to be insane not to appreciate the beauty of a newport. Marlboro menthols aswell, it really depends on the gas station im at, and whats cheaper. I was in Turkiye for 3 weeks, and they didn't have newports, and their menthols were ultra lights, so I learned to love normal winstons. Soo.. Newports, Menthol cowboy killers, Winstons. By the way fellas, Menthol has alot to due with your "fucked up throat". I smoke alot.. (pack a day) and when you smoke a pack of newport 100's one day, and a pack of winstons the next, you feel the differnce.

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Gotta go with jaded. that was a real ass statement.

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Canada wouldn't be too worried about that. Obama already signed the North American Union treaty, Google the North American Union.

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[Image] Question; Why is your name "youngsk8" when you don't skate? @cheep; Everyone knows indys the way to go.

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Champion hoodys all day! Seriosly, no other hoody compares to the quality. All BS aside, DC hoodys are nice, I gotta few that still fit mad good (pullover).

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Alright.... I ran the numbers and, I can get atleast a quarter of them. If a 1000 of em are coming at me at once, that means there infronna eachothers back. Id start off with the death kick, You might know it as the "300 sparta kick", that should get about 10 of em alone, Then very hastily after that I come in the the double haymakers, getting another 10 - 15. Then I'm going to scoop someone behind me and swing him around like a hammer. Adding in a death kick and a few haymakers in between. Once the faggot I was swinging is demolished, I will then resort to jabs and hooks. If there swinging wildly I'll be bob n weavin them shits. I think I can get a good 250 of em before I go out.

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Updated & topic saved; -Crackberry (bluetooth headphones, use it as an ipod too) -LV wallet (id, mula, condoms, rizla paper) -Newports + lighter -Keychain

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H&M m65 Old Navy peacoat Rogue Status varsity North Face fleece

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I agree, Im fucking tired of seeing these little skater punks wearing tight jeans, but rocking an extra large shirt that comes down over there ass. Not a good look n/h

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I found this looking around, Its selvage, I also think its raw? Anyways just lemme know with opinions... It's under a bill. [URL]

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Cash Newports Lighter Backpack (hoody, redbull, books, etc)

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anyplace has the timmys on clearance or discounts or anything?

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fuck cali, come to NY.

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anyone know of any?

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