List any transaction we have had here; thanks.

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PAYPAL ONLY 4%. ALL ITEMS brand new with tags. I've taken detailed photos of each item for customers to feel at ease purchasing from me. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING I'm going to build a great rep as a seller on hypebeast. I'll ship out ASAP. Feel free to message with offers,trades, or all of you questions. Supreme X VANS MC (Mike Carroll) Shoes. Black Size: 11. $135 shipped. [Image]

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I have a clothing line in mind and I'd want to get started on it immediately. I have already chosen a logo and a graphic artist. My biggest trouble at the moment is finding the BEST QUALITY t-shirt. I don't mind over paying a bit (take this with a grain of salt, don't jip me here guys!) but the quality has to be phenomenal! If you can share the brands of t-shirts you recommend, the price range, and where to get them printed as well.. that would be amazing. I am looking to print around 500 t-shirts (probably two colors printed on a white or black t-shirt) for my first batch just to have a simple logo t-shirt to get my name out locally. Any information given will truly help; I don't have any background or information about owning a clothing line but I have heart and I'm willing to put everything on the line to make this work! Thanks!

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