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i work at a major cell phone company. making 10 an hour with sales bonuses averaging like an extra 800 dollars at the end of the month. i havent been here long and working 30 hours a week. im 20. what yall do how much you make if you went to school your age

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First, we found that MCSO engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing; specifically, MCSO engages in racial profiling of Latinos, and unlawfully stops, detains and arrests Latinos. Second, we found that MCSO unlawfully retaliates against people who criticize its policies and practices. Third, we found reasonable cause to believe that MCSO operates its jails in a manner that discriminates against Latino inmates that are limited English proficient. We find that MCSO routinely punishes Latino inmates that are limited English proficient when they fail to understand commands given in English, and denies critical services that are provided to other inmates. These actions violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In addition to our formal pattern or practice findings, our investigation uncovered three other areas of serious concern. In these areas, we are not making formal pattern or practice findings at this time. Our investigation remains ongoing. These areas are: First, use of force. We uncovered a number of troubling incidents involving use of excessive force, and we will continue to look carefully at this issue. Second, failure to provide adequate policing services in Latino communities; and Third, failure to adequately investigate allegations of sexual assaults. http://www.justice.gov/crt/opa/pr/speeches/2011/crt-speech-111215.html


post pictures of your apartment. 700 sqft studio in miami [Image]

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authority? i dont respect that shit. that implies that respect is demanded and that you are superior. being that everyone is human. that they born and die, you are no better than me. respect. i am all about respect. i give it to you until you give me a reason to think otherwise.

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