Brackets are here: [URL] Notably absent from the contender's list? Lupe Fiasco. Something fucking hilarious? Mickey Factz thinks he should be included. [Image] Ninja, please. I could understand his disdain because Asher Roth is included. Some of the people on this list are fucking jokes though. Mystikal? Plies? Mase? Foxy Brown? Last year's winner was Eminem. So, who do you think is taking it (who will people vote for) this year? Who do you think should've been included? Discuss.

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[Image] I'm posting this up because I &) The-Dream, but it's not a bad song at all. I'm really liking Ross' delivery on this. [URL]

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[Quote] [URL] Rest in peace to all aboard the plane and to those on the ground.

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[Image] This is a surprisingly great-not-meant-to-be-serious album that mimics much of what's on the radio. A handful of songs on here could be played on a regular mix show, and I don't think I could tell the difference. Not sure if that's a bad or a good thing, but "Incredibad" is worth the download. Discuss.

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^^^^^ [Image] What's up next? And any recommendations for most-awesome films that need to be in everyone's queue? ...oh and for anyone who's never tried NetFlix, just do it. They offer free trials if you're interested.

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[Image] With the official leak of Kanye's album, no one seems to be talking about Ludacris' latest album, "Theater Of The Mind". It leaked today too. To be honest, Ludacris cannot deliver a full-length album, imo. I've listened to it twice thus far. I like the idea and where he's going but most of the songs scream filler. Plus, his delivery gets tired..that whole animated/emphasis isn't needed on every line. Anyone else listen to it? Thoughts?

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[Image] [Quote] So, I just saw this strange piece of cinema tonight with one of my friends. I can honestly say that it was one of, if not the most awkward, funny, sad, dramatic and weird movies I've seen this year. Inititally, I was drawn in by Aaron Eckhart, since he was fantastic in "Thank You For Smoking", but for anyone who likes random movies, go see it. I highly recommend it just for the array of emotions you'll feel when you see it. Anyone else see this? Thoughts?

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