I usually have a hard time copping my size - US13/UK12 but I would really want to get these when they come out....any indication yet of a release date and which stores in London will get this? I guess Foot Patrol and maybe GDG will get these as Tier 0 account stores?: [Image] [I][B][FONT="Century Gothic"]Thanks to the newest issue of Boon Magazine, here’s a new picture of an upcoming Nike Air Force 1 sample by Hiroshi Fujiwara. These will coming several colorways including black, grey and white. They will only be available at stores with Tier 0 accounts[/FONT][/B][/I]

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[Quote] Aren't most of these labels already carried by Miz-29 in Queensway Shopping Centre? I have not been in Singapore for a while now but the last time I was there, Miz-29 carried most of the brands you mentioned, including early Hundreds tees....and they had some very dope Fibreops tees...too bad they are cut so much smaller than typical US tees....that's where I got this Fucking Awesome tee: [Image]

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I would rather just cop the Madsaki-inspired designs from SURRENDER (singapore)....I believe SURRENDER collaborated with Madsaki just before CLOT did....plus, you don't have to pay inflated prices.....: [URL]

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Courtesy of Slam x Hype: [URL]

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prices are in pound sterling. In london, we get a chance to pick stuff up for around 50% off during the summer and winter sales plus the addition of the warehouse sale twice a year as well....awesome

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More of a general resource for Bearbricks and like, check out: [URL] Very helpful community in case you are looking for sopmething in particular....

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Fiberops have dropped new gear and I can only find images here: [URL] I have seen so many really nice tees from them but I can never get them in my size as the cut is not generous at all (I'm an XL but the sizes tend to be quite narrow and short)....awesome prints though and truly thought-provoking in many instances.

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Don't really get the WoodWood sensation....the collection is rather blah imho....and those hoodies look hideous....just not my thing.....sometimes, an established name is not even to cover for lack of creativity or effort (just like Supreme's Hot dog tees and Thai Beer tees were just awful......)

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[Quote] I bet you've never seen never will we be able to get this....its an authentic factory prototype of King Ken I saw in a shop way out East....its a legit item but naturally never intended for sale.....as can be seen, its the purest white King Ken you can ever get!!!: [Image]

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Just in case anyone has not seen the original 5 Martin colourways, here they are: [Image] Over the years, I slowly hunted down all of these (almost). I am missing only one more colour but seems to pop up on ebay uk, us and japan regularly so I hope to complete this set soon....by the way, this set is being sold on Yahoo Japan for around 350,000 yen. Ouch....

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Doublepost. Sorry.

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Looks like LV claiming back the all over print.....I was in East London over the weekend and saw a huge mural in black and white of a Muslim woman covered in LV garb next to a Lebanese restaurant...reminded me of this pic which was a CD cover a while back...: [Image]

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[Quote] Are peeps seriously going to queue up overnight for trucker CAPS?!?!?!? :confused:

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[Quote] Don't be lazy dude...check out the superfuture site and all your queries will be answered there...this question has been asked so many times and the answers all point back to superfuture....a couple of guys there are so hardcore about denim that they can answer better than most of us here so why not expand your horizon and try asking other helpful people in the know???

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London - East Side

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