This is one of the only companies showcasing their products on this website, that's not complete shit. It looks nice, good luck to you and your brand!  Oh and If you'd like to sponsor anyone hit me up blushing hahha a

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Where do you get the Leather Crewnecks that the Model was Wearing? I like the brand so far though blushing

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Haha Just kidding, FUCK Swag! I just needed a title that would catch your eye! tongueface haha But I would appreciate some opinions on jackets! blushing Im a 15 year old GUY, a Sophomore in Highschool, From the Bay Area part of California, in with the "Cool" Crowd (Damn, I sound cocky lol, ugh just Tryna be descriptive! tongueface), Black Hair, 5'7 ish, Tan-Brownish Skin, Ugh Idk what else could help you guys out about me.. The Way I dress is majorly influenced by street wear brands, so that includes Diamond, Obey, Rocksmith, LRG, Dope Couture, Nike Sb's, etc. If you recognize some of those brands then you know what my look is like. lol So, I'm stuck in the dilemma with trying to pick between jackets since fall is coming up.. I wanted an Animal (Brand) Jacket for the longest time and now I'm finally able to, Only problem now is I can't seem to pick between the Tan and Black Color's.. I like the black and it looks good, problem is that I have allot of black in my closet. I like the tan, because it looks really classy, I just don't know how it's going to look on me. :/ The only thing tan I own is Skinny Jeans and I really like those, but idk if a jacket is going to be the same way. Animal is a brand that caters to BMX, but they also make really nice quality clothing. Here are a Few Pics to help you guys out! Animal Jacket Retail Link: Tan Animal Jacket: [Image] I appreciate all opinions, thanks for hearing me out! blushing Thanks once again! tongueface

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[Quote] I like that color allot better then the ones on sale but shiit 135 for a pair of jeans? Ahaha Idk if I can afford that yet, besides I'm still growing so I don't wanna drop that kind of money and in 2 months realize they're too damn small for me -___- Shitty Dilema ahaha

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[Quote] My Bad Bro, Mommy and Daddy don't pay for everything, like some people ;P .. Haha I like saving money blushing

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We can't see your picture broo! ahaha

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[Quote] Hahaha! Ahhh! Come back, I was only kidding! tongueface Side Note: I wasn't dissing Bert I was dissing the faggot who's using Bert as his picture.. Get it, Fuck Boy? ;D I'm only kidding anyways, geez lighten up, douche.. ahhahahahah

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Sign up for lol Shit's tight and you get deep discounts. They even carry the better streetwear brands like 10 Deep, Rocksmith, etc. lol Just sign up and check it out, I don't think you'll regret it. Discounts go into like te 80 percent off range some times blushing ahaha Here's the Link: Link

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[Quote] HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! True -___- lol I just threw that option in there, it's mainly between the Heritage and the Little America.. Any thoughts bro?

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Hundreds is having an online sale right now through the 29th! 50% Off Almost everything, no code or anything. lol blushing

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How's their Denim Quality?

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[Quote] I feel soo bad for you! ahaha Were you unloved as a child, did daddy try and fuck you? ahaha I mean that must be pretty damn scarring but trust me there's no use in taking it out on the Internet you whiny little bitch! ahahaha I'm a faggot ass hypebeast Just because I want to try new brands and I don't want to drop a 150 dollar on a pair of jeans? lmao You are one dumb motherfucker blushing

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What do you guys feel like is the better option? Yes, I'm on a budget! lol Um, also is "Naked and Famous" worth it? They really just do have a steep ass price increase compared to these two brands, I was thinking about getting the

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