that's dope.

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current setup is a canon t1i with a 8-16mm sigma ultra-wide angle and a 85mm 1.8. I have the pw flextt5 and the mini tt1 which I use with a 430 ex ii. Everyday walk-around camera is a canon g10 with a 270ex. looking to upgrade to a canon 7d or canon 5d mark ii sometime soon. <>

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If you're a student, take advantage of that student discount while you can. It gives you piece of mind that your copy just wont crap out on you like some of the downloaded versions. <>

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I personally could never get the hang of a wacom tablet. I work mostly in illustrator and photoshop and I feel I have much better control with the mouse. Another reason I havent really jumped on the tablet bandwagon is I dont want to have to rely on another piece of equipment to get my work done. My little cousin on the other hand swears by it and she's gotten pretty good with it. <>

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took photo classes freshman year of college and have been in love with it ever since. <>

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jersey city <>

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Nike varsity is definitely on point. Just picked up the Rugby Indian head varsity last week. <>

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HF, It looks like a customized GAP varsity jacket from last season. I'd post an image, but I dont have enough posts. just google it. hth. <>

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&lt;&gt; i didnt even know this thread existed. ill be posting here in the near future. <>

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