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i have a question about distribution in your shop. say a company made a new era "collab", an example would be Supreme new eras. say a shop has a supreme account but not a new era account, will they still get the supreme new eras or do they have to have a new era account or what?

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New PE album dropping today, if anybody cares.

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anybody down with them? I think they are the best labels out there and have ome of the best mc's in the south. They are pretty much the only soouther rap i will listen to.

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Is it true that the more recent supreme tees were smaller. I heard that after the W)Taps collab the tees got smaller, any truth to this?

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very bored. i have 2,791. edit. actually with my other computer which i lost all the usic i had on it would be somewhere around 3100but also list how many hours. Roughly 180 hours.

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its that simple....OG Red.(tropical punch)

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i usually dont really like bay area music except for a select few things which are really good, including this,they are from LA but most of their rhymes are about the bay area. i just recently listened to their first album the next step and its fucking sick, its one of the best albums i've listened to in a while.

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Arguably one of the greatest bands ever. Anybody hear their new album Build A Nation, piece of shit, well definatly not as bad as Quickness and Rise. Does anybody on HB besides me and Hunter actually like/know Bad Brains. And you kids who go out there and listen to them because you saw the cool Supreme shirt with them on it, you kids dont count. I'm also pretty sure nobody even knows who's on the shirt. But besides that, awsome band one of the best DC area bands along with Minor Threat and Fugazi. I think they are one of the best bands ever, they are up there with Black Flag, Fugazi, Minor Threat,and Misfits.(in no specific order and off the top of my head).

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how do they fit compared to sb dunks? speciffically lows

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Anybody go or going to? I wanted to go so bad, not enough funds.

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does anybody know of another pair of jeans that has a similar fit to these?

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I don't know if anubody has ever noticed this, but I noticed it the other day. Abraham Lincoln assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated by James Earl Ray. John F. Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. What do these 3 assassinators have in common, their names are stated with thier middle name included. Not to start a conspiracy or anything but all three of these people were very influential to a new wave to come over America. Abe Lincoln and his start of the abolition of slavery, MLK JR and his civil rights movement, and John F. Kennedy and his stopping the spread of communism and his help in the civil rights movement. Something to think about?

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How do mighty healthy tees fit? Compared to other brands.

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