This is probably gonna sound stupid but I could really give less of a fuck about jeans but what does stf mean? As in Levi stf's?

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I usually wear them in one of the sneaker forums.

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[Quote] Both *****.

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[Quote] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yea those *****s at the clubs and weddings or whatever who do exactly that, they just sit there like schmucks while their girlfriends/wives are out there dancing with some other guys and then they wonder why they cheated on them.

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Pretty much any Public Enemy song. Nas Feat. Quan-Just A Moment(And this is coming from a Nas hater) Wu-Tang Clan-Rules That's all I can think of now that haven't been mentioned.

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[Quote] NICE. Can someboy start a drums thread. I play guitar but more of a drums man myself.

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Is he really wearing an Irak shirt.

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"Oh that's disgusting, that is just disgusting. What a perv man, actors." And the jersey thing when they're in the car. Comedic Gold.

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[Quote] You ever think about doing standup?

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That hat looks stupid on you.

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Right, and all you people who hate on this guy. [Image]

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[Image] $20. Then have your mother paypal me the rest.

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[Quote] I don't think so buster. They play Mass Appeal on Hot 97 in New York. I also hear Dyck on Hot 97, but not as much as Mass Appeal.

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Some of you guys have a lot of fucking money I see. Like Young Ace back there with his fucking 15 fat blunts. Im just some poor New Yorker who cant even afford some Sour D. There is only 1 advantage of my situation, I dont waste all my money due to a low tolerance, I know some guys who have high tolerances and low paychecks.

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