Anyone know where I can cop a RIP Lil Chris Tee? Been huntin for awhile...and have come up with nothin, called the stores in Cali, choccroc, moose, attic etc.!

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[Quote] Well the only thing that ATT get outta the whole deal is the service plans...everything else is apple...b/c anytime anything goes wrong with your phone ATT can't do sh*t about it. Once you purchase an iphone your have to deal strictly with apple.

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true, but I'm already using the 1st Gen iphone...but just wanted to see what everyone else thought about white one...

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Wayne's mix tapes are better than Carter III, the album is good, but not his best...IMO 3Peat is pretty dope, and Tie My Hands is too.

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what does everyone think about 16g white one?

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The smart car...isnt that smart...something that get 80-90mpg is smart, I'll stick with my gas hog for now

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[Image] 2 12" JL Audio w6's (Custom Ported Box) JL Audio ZR Series Components 1000x1 JL Amp 450x4 Amp

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06 Hoe.. DUB 24's Custom Black Wheels...originally they were chrome [Image]

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