I just finished The Shield and I highly recommend it. First episode starts with a bang. Finales are generally well done. But The Sopranos is the one show I really need to catch up on. If you haven't checked out The Wire, you definitely should do so too.

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[Quote]I (think) Walt originally planned on killing him too (he thought Jesse was working with Jack) but he felt guilty as fuck when he saw Jesse's tortured face. He was able to rationalize his actions when Jesse was suffering emotionally (from the loss of Jane and the near loss of Brock) but when he saw him in physical pain he finally blamed himself for Jesse's current condition.

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It was pretty obvious when Stern gifted the Lakers a couple of championships.

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I sat behind these motorcyclists with their fucking helmets on who were jizzing whenever there was a race scene. Dude kept repeatedly yelling, "let's get ready". But I liked the movie despite the corny moments. The bridge scene was hella dope.

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The show is dope. It's hilarious how Hannibal is the most likable character on the show so far.   The latest episode was creepy as fuck when they showed a faceless Hannibal.  It also just got renewed for season 2. [Image]

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The NBA is rigged. Hell, the play Kobe got injured in was called a foul and there was barely any contact. Overall, Lakers got 30+ more free throws. . . Felt like I was watching a Lakers free throw contest. Kobe's injury is the basketball gods way of screwing David Stern and his obvious preference for the Lakers in the playoffs.

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[Quote]Speak for yourself. Took me 5 years to get to 10 posts.

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Thread is useless without pics.

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[Quote]Naw. It's simple really. First get an iTunes account, then download any free app from the App Store. Now all your cracked apps should work. smokeyface

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get the ipod touch if you want a handheld mp3/videoplayer. the psp is too damn bulky to carry around. plus the ipods touch features is way smoother than the psp controls. and typing on the psp is a bitch i swear. i browse the internet better on the touch for sure. games are lacking for both though. i hacked both of them so i played most of the games. there are some nice apps/games on the touch that are hella useful though.

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[Quote]what worm? ive been using FF 3.0 and never had a problem. ive tried Opera and i dont like it as much tbh.

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