Whew, haven't been up here in a min. I'm looking into getting a small portable studio setup. Nothing expensive, but some good equipment. Pretty simple set up really, 1 light source, backdrop etc. It's just I don't know where, or who to cop from. I mean I don't want to buy no crap equipment that'll light my crib on fire you know? Anything good I can get under $800?

Started by I want to put in work in the studio., 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Sooo I got an invitation to join the site a while back. Anybody ever heard of these guys? They claim to be the next professional portfolio thing. I'm guessing like a behance network thing? [URL]

Started by Filter Foundry , 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Do any of you guys sell prints? What store/ online vendor do you use? I'm planning to set up shop in the near future. However through research looks like I need to buy some $200.00 sum software to get my monitor calibrated. WTF?

Started by Print Hustling, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

So this guy is selling a 1979/80 Rolls Royce for $6000.00. (LOL! I know right? ) This is an older guy who is sick and desperate for cash. I forgot how many miles it has on it. Probably a lemon but this could be a dope project car. Or maybe not? Anybody know anything about Rolls Royces? Should I cop? I wanna make some babies in the back of it! smokeyface

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If only the photography game was like this. [URL] How much is your work worth?

Started by If only........, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Anybody here have a Leica M8 or M9? Or tried some of the lens? Anybody buy a used one? I plan on buying one in the future.

Started by Anybody got a Leica?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

for photographers. But wait I thought tumblr was good for us? Apparently I didn't read the TOS close enough. [I]"Terms of Submission 1. You have permission to post this. You represent and warrant that you own all rights to any content submitted. You will indemnify and hold harmless this site, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, customers, vendors, hosts, officers and employees from any liability, damage or cost (including reasonable attorneys. fees and cost) from (i) any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of any content you submit. 2. This site may distribute this post.[/I] [B][I] By uploading, submitting or otherwise disclosing or distributing content for display or inclusion on this site, [U]you give this site unlimited license [/U]in perpetuity to the content and the information therein. “[/I][/B] How will this affect me copywriting my work, and is this in all social network tos? THAT IS NOT GOOD. I took down all my pics, and plan on deleting my account.

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I parked across from this the other day. Never seen this type of lac before. What year is it? [URL]

Started by What type of Cadillac is this?, 2 Weeks ago in Automotive

I need some help! I have an offer to shoot an hair show. Pay is negotiable. I haven't agreed yet because I have an 18-55mm lens, and a 5.6 fstop. I want to order a 50mm lens BUT, thats about $300 bucks, and it won't arrive in time. I need to shoot in low light with no flash. Would I be able to shoot any salvageable pics? I have a nikon d3.

Started by Shooting in low light?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Dose anybody here use alien skin exposure 3? Is it worth the $200 and some bucks? Its suppose to make your digital look like film! when I get the cash I wanna cop this!

Started by Digital to look like real film?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

I know you guys have seen this notorious clavin klein ad by now. (NSFW)[URL] [Image] What PS technique makes dark skinned people pitch black like this?

Started by What photoshop technique is this?, 2 Weeks ago in Photography

So I got a gig, but its at the beach. I read in my manual I believe every time you shoot at the beach you need to get your lens cleaned. Is that true? If so I may have to back out. I don't have any local camera shops around.

Started by The Beach a No No?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

Is there even a point for using these in your port anymore? I mean I see less and less of my fav photogs using watermarks and sigs in their ports. No let me rephrase that, I see more successful photogs using less of these, and mostly see amateurs sporting watermarks.

Started by Watermarks?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

where do you guys who use 35mm or lomo get your film developed?

Started by Film Development, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

SO dose anybody here do portrait work, or fashion photography? I was wondering do any of you guys use ideas off of [URL] and got good results? Anybody use any of these ghetto tricks?

Started by Dose anybody here do DIY lighting?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts