District just opened their new shop last month in Union City! District 31019 Courthouse Drive Union City [Image]

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UPS=slowest worst service ever! There's a really good chance your package will be damaged via UPS too. I ordered a bike part from florida, was in transit to Cali three days after my order. About 7 days later it arrived on a friday morning in a city about 30 minutes away from me. Not until the following Monday was when I finally got my package. Like 12 days after I ordered. They suck! Told the company I ordered from in an Email to never us UPS again for their shipping! haha USPS seems to be the fastest way if you're not sending anything huge. And FedEx is a little slow too but better than UPS.

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[Quote] Right!? It's really dumb move actually. I mean if you look at it. What do you really get out of gang life. You make fast money-maybe! Most likely lose it as fast as you made it. And you'll mostly likely die before you hit 21, even if you live past 21 what else you got!? A rap sheet a mile long, still living in the hood, and enemies up the ass. Retarded! Makes zero logical sense. Plus you should be ashamed at yourself that you let illegal immigrants who probably speak little or no english at all living in your neighborhood come up way before you! haha Ouch!

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Oakland is a big city. And for a big city there really is only a handfull of places you should avoid if you don't have any business in those areas. Other than that you just need to know where you are and not act stupid. Anyway this is not huge news in Oakland. Oakland has always been this way-grimey! I guess because the murder rate has been steadily climbing every year, people outside of Oakland are starting to notice. Richmond is just as bad-maybe worse! considering the size of Richmond. It's not nearly as big as Oakland.

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Ah man Serena looks like a yolked ass dude! A Tranny. Common why did you do it?

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Why do girls insist on wearing these Roman Sandals? Do they really think these are hot? For some reason I see a lot of Hot chicks wearing these type of shoes now and I ain't diggin it! [Image]

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I didn't say I wouldn't bang her. Her face is just brutal to me.

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[Quote] Oh damn! She is a paper bag honey for sure! Old Asian chicks tryna look young is not a good look! haha..Her body is cool though. So get the paper bag ready.

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The Bay area has got to be among the worse community college environments in the country! CC is such a train wreck disaster! I hated going to community college. Nobody has manners or practices good classroom etiquette. It's really like an older loser high school with older class clowns a disruptive assholes. A lot of dudes in my area just go to hang out and hook up with whores. No job, going to school just to mack on chicks haha. Pathetic son! Seen it all, and I will never go back! Good luck homie.

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This post is GAY

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U gotta blow dry them when you get out of the shower holmes. Works!

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It's a hard call cause of her age and all, but this old lady does have a knife in here hand and she might be crazy. She wasn't trying to let go of the knife either when that lady cop had her on the ground. It looks bad, but I think the cops had to do it.

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It's funny how some on here will say that maybe Asian chicks go for white dudes for the financial stability haha. Maybe, but I don't see it. I see a lot of white trash and wanna be hood white dudes with college type Asian chicks. It's a strange phenomenon in California haha. Anyway, aren't most molesters, alcoholics, Methheads, & serial killers usually white? haha, it's in the genes! I guess that's stable.

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[Quote] Well that's probably obvious since most of the people on the planet are Asian. Maybe it's a regional thing cause it's so common around my way. And seemingly getting more and more common. How is it where you all live?

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She's hot, no doubt! But there are plenty more where that came from son. I think she's getting way too much press for being a hot chick though. Hot chicks are everywhere! She does need thumb transplants though, but she's hot.

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