i know there are some hardcore heads on here so can anyone put me on some good posi hardcore? similar to the likes of good clean fun, gorilla biscuits, set your goals, ect.

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alright, so the weather at school is shitty, and we get snow regularly. i'm thinking of getting some timbs, but i've never seen 'em with a bit more of a fitted jean. any suggestions on how to rock them?

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anyone going this year? this will be the first year i'm going. getting my tickets next week.

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alright. so i am in the market for a decent-good gps under $300. and i am not sure if they are or not. but i need one that is mac compatible and updateable maps.

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anyone have any local holiday beers that they throw down this time of year? around here there's one called mad elf. it's a red ale 11% alcohol. and tastes of cherries. honey. and chocolate. it's soooo good. expensive though. $50 for a 24 case. but worth it.

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anyone have it? or point me where to download it at? thanks.

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that a good friend of mine ODed from heroin last night. they found him this morning totally lifeless. this dude was a decent tattoo artist and becoming better every day. had his whole life ahead of him (only 21). guess i'll have to get that tat he promised me in another life. no one our age is supposed to go down. fuuuuuck. i don't even know what else to say. i just had to say it to someone/something. seriously hb fam...don't fuck with heroin. smh

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[Image] how does everyone feel about the logo for the 2012 olympics in london?

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can anyone shed some light on what it actually does? also. anything to help turn fat to muscle faster?

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yo guys. it's about that time for cookout's. bbq's. ect. anyway. wondering what some of everyone's favorite recipes are. post em' up. i'll post some once i get home.

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anyone else hear about this at all? there's not many details so far. but at least 20 students were killed.

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anyone else as excited as i am that it's opening day? means summer's coming. going to the ballpark on summer days. you know... what teams does everyone follow?

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my powerbook is connected to the internet wirelessly. but my problem is i lose connection (while the main computer directly connected never does) and to solve it. i need to turn the airport (internal wireless) off and then back on. and am then connected to the network. whereas in the past if i would lose internet from the router it would automatically re-connect. so does this mean my internal wireless card is going bad? or what?

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sorry just have to get this out. my mom just found out my pops has been cheating on her. [B]while they were supposed to be working on their marriage[/B]. so right now i am at the point where if i never see my old man again it'd be too soon. we'll see how this all plays out. anyone have any tips on how to handle shit like this? ?)

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ey. wondering if anyone here can point me in the right directions in finding some jeans for bigger dudes. i rock a 42 and it's hard to find nice denim. any help i'd appreciate.

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